Emperor Race For Night Sky…

With such tender ears the calling was easily taken. A race to have, taking traits for archetype making. Before knowing what was in store, “Yes!” was said because this is something any Hare will adore. At the top the instruction’s were so. The 13 of us down the path we go, cross the finish line and prized will be so. There was a Cat, his best friend at one point was the Rat. One would not imagine that. When the Cat could not make the river though, it was indeed let go. Cats Kin the Tiger crossed the line as Three though, just in front of me. Unaware of the river until it all to see. Before then it was hopping and burrowing with glee. Upon the river bed was a rickety old raft, hanging barely by a thread. Its condition did fill my heart with dread. Still farther ahead the Oxen could be seen now instead. No time to waste I hopped aboard with haste. Onto the river I went, where my life was almost spent. The humbling Dragon puffed his wing a mighty blow, sending the raft over the currents flow. A gratitude one never lets go. On shore I see the Oxen is running a stampede. The tiger could in the bush could only be seen by speed. Close as come to beating a Kin of the Cat I froze when I saw the Rat. Not only had he made the river, we were all beat. At first I view I thought this definitely a cheat. Amazed I had forgotten my feet. I cross as number Four followed by Dragon whom was barely beat. Stuck behind for being kind. As we all began to unwind an Oink from Pig brought us back to mind. During food talk and all festivity the Rat had spoke to me. Ox had to agree, and thus did so kindly. Pacts unknown, still stay this way they say. This though still not a move as bad as the Horse will say. For Snake truly scared Horse that day. Pig came in last, of course all festivities had past, we move on towards the donning of awards. Chance was at play, what was there to say? Thumping foot, with anticipation and excitement. My turn came and went. Yet as the Emperor went to speak, the Empress said “No please, this one I seek.” She spoke loud and clear so every participant would hear. “Hare your moral stopped you when you could have taken top 3, what do you have to say to me?” soft spoken could only say “The Rat found another way, defeat is a feat, what else can I say?” “Nothing more Hare, that will do just fine. Everyone the Hare is now mine. His prize will be, to come live on the Moon with me.” This is how the Jade Rabbit came to be…

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Floating Rock Syndrome…

There on a floating rock was this thought. “Could this truly be all I have ever been taught?” That answer being a definite yes. Yet unfortunately, this answer would not much impress. For this was absolutely not suitable in form of what question was originally sought.

One usually loves all, even with the palm of their hand. Earth, wind, water, fire, even sand.

All plainly there, to touch, feel, enjoy, and grab. As well alive too, here on this rotating slab.

Planet Earth with its specific terra. Unbelievable kind that will survive through era’s.

Thus it has and will with continuation still. We’re on our way, that’s part of the thrill.

Always almost done or almost there. We need only to make it past our thousand mile stare.

There is no fear, just a lot to any version of now. As a continuation of “soon to be over” while happiness grows loud.

New Moon, Ox Lunar New Year Wishes:

That everlasting eye with aye. A price we pay. Metanoia, the existence for a metempsychosis stay. For things we do, write, even moreso say. Spelling still, remember is not always a curse. A blessing if it actually works. Fortunately for behind every veil, there will be a seam. There which has yet another person’s dream. New paths or places to navigate. Still without overstaying a welcome. Or even becoming too late. A life less ordinary, people imagine this way. Only in the less aggressive way. Binding us, tracks with time. Making a tune or singing rhyme. These are the ways we are fed throughout time. Learn to flow and better off accept. That simple thing called the human imaginative concept. Our material not yet understood or earned. More broken in, learned, sometimes occasionally burned.

Words I will now convictionally say; “Under a New Moon before this Lunar New Year, during a Maya Analog Wave. While only hand of Mars guides message Earth way. Before our next day Sun reborn. During wee hours on a cold snowy, February’s morn’. Blessing all people with a Happy Moon wish beyond all. Jade Hare still there with Father Bear, in sky above to help witness all. Oxen’s might soon to show. We’re past pulling of a heavy previous Metal Rat haul.”

New Year Opening…

Within the chaos known as past, I wash myself clean before this gate here and now. Stones of past and future to help guide how. They spark the light of this consciousness to be. Whether wide awake, or even in a dream. Surviving was the game, making it even through malice and maim. This has been done incredibly so. Enough to say, “into another year I go!” Wiser, and more understanding of me. Able to see through blatant hypocrisy. Unnecessary concepts and ideas I now let go. Enduring a better life for myself to grow. When push comes to shove I will simply look above. Knowing my current spot and frequency. The parts that help make who I am and will be. Life challenges are test, this much is true. Failing is something I refuse to do. Finding the path over various crossroads is no easy task. Although there is always a way or a direction to ask. Helping to navigate through the dark and light. This way one can finally gain what was part of their original sight. Many roads I have trekked. Not always receiving what I hoped to expect. Another part that comes with creation too. A way how people learn what not to do. Likewise is the opposite, where people learn more than they thought one would get. These and more are blessings still yet to come. As I pursue life revolving around our Moon and the Sun.