Inner Workings of the Opinion

“You always own the option of having no opinion.

There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can’t control.

These things are not asking to be judged by you.

Leave them alone.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Beautiful Life

An ode’ to the living…

There is a crossroads, in the mind.
This place is actually hard to find.
Unsure if it was a left or a right.
One will search for crossroads night after night.
Until a day comes to slow the ride.
The day one notices there is no crossroads to hide.
There stuck you see “This crossroad was a circle to me!”
That builds up where one decides “I get to navigate this ride.”
Careful though navigation has no clue, what a planet might do.
Sky above, down to its core, and ever so much more.
Filled with all the wonderful things people adore.
That is a navigation problem too.
Unpredictable what people will navigate through.
That decision is not up to me or you.
It is up to the crossroads, this is true.
Where signs point the way, to help
us navigate through the day.
That’s some advice one can genuinely say.

Interactive Magazine

A monolith of various form.

From the abysmal mind was born.

To weave tales of history, mixed with lies.

Places where lost treasure may actually hide.

To spoil attention at its finest endeavor.

Rather odd to have this powerful tether.

We don’t bow down to worship thee.

Rather we carry you personally.

Most attempt to be the star.

This usually doesn’t go very far.

When people think likes rule over powerful men.

This time placed with self and friend.

Now rivals to the bitter end.

Wait, there will be a trick again.

Over an article one wrote or typed.

Something someone definitely disliked.

But on the Interactive Magazine, there really is no physical scene.

No bad guy at the end of a stick.

Just some jerk who’s skin became thick.

Calloused from history passed.

A past that truly had collapsed.

Still alive in the minds of other though.

That’s the way tabloid fame tends to go.

2020 Summer of Tough

The schism that divides us must fall.
For indeed it will concur all. Malice petty, enormous, or nigh. Without companionship we will die. For it’s not only about the ones we love. It resides in more than something above. It is always here and now. People just don’t realize when or how. A place where past and future collide. The destination where a decision resides. Adept, prompt, and ever waiting. A place of no complaining. Where a thought is formed. An idea gets born. For action made to be. That is and always will be now, for me. Head’s take rides. World’s have tides. Of all things true to be. One stands alone, no one can agree.

Reviews In History

Found this in my memories from a year ago. A rough day in 2020…

Blank it, wipe it clean. That drunkard dream of what it seemed. Eyes stare into the distance. See no hope for resistance. The entire species lost its mind. But not of the insane kind. That would require some kind of repeat. This time people have shown defeat. Not because they could not do. That part is definitely true. The thing that became such a waste. All because too much haste. Squandering that product people call time. That will unfortunately end this rhyme.

A Hymn For Salvidor Dali

Pacifico used for; Disenchantment Bay, The Hubbard Glacier, & Hurricane Adrian…

Departure: May 21st 2005
Port: Seattle, Washington.
~ MS Oosterdam ~

The one time I went West. I went about as far Northwest as a traveler can go… To get there, that was damn near a tragedy though. Hurricane Adrian rolled the seas. I remember winds over 120(mph) coming in all directions and various degrees. Rocking and Splashing were the name of the game. Dramamine was the name of the plane. Nausea felt from the rock and knocks of waves crashing below. It surely was a show. Frightening as it was, our course that would be. It was after this that I was familiarized with man known as Salvador Dali. For on this ship were all original prints. All to be auctioned off none-the-less. The only way a museum can pimp. After Poseidon rose no one picked up this hint. So I watched the people as they came and went. During this time I met the man known as Dali. Eccentric as he was; honey attracting flies, bees, dolphins, wales, some of the most amazing things I would ever see. From a man with a mustache full of honey. His enigma still remains an exciting wonder to me. I dedicate this hymn to him and his beautiful legacy. Art for ages to inspire and be seen. Images that appear to have certainly come straight from a dream! Showing us a crazy world that still isn’t always as it seems.

The Epic Nightmare

With the longest days of the year behind us we move towards another new Autumn. Before the dog days of Summer are upon us I figured “Why not start the outline for inspiration on new plots to begin? Soon enough everyone will be in the throes of it, inspiring others to automatically begin thinking a certain way.” This is a head start. Before life and the holidays require a more physical mental state.

Another collaboration playlist from the Electric Icarus Project! This one’s a darker tone. Hit shuffle and let the strange inspiration begin…

Per usual anyone that feels the want or need to contribute please do. Make it appropriate and fittingto the overall tone, that’s all I ask.

High and Low, Life Climbing…

Living life is important, remember to have some fun.

The special part isn’t just what we become.

It’s the journey there too, the one before we’re finally done.

Though we do live each individual day under a revolving Sun.

Our minds reside 2 decades into the past, like the future visiting 2001.

Anything before then is now fully grown, gone, a classic, or an antique.

Always moving onto to something new when the last thing has hit its peak.

Enjoying the next thing that is more aesthetically pleasing and sleek.

People do this to each other from time to time.

As if they were once shiny, but now covered in grime.

So they’ll lie through their teeth, showing each and every pantomime.

Any type of relationship’s fear and worst rooted crime.

We simply accept this harsh truth despite the painstakingly new climb.

Learn from present and lessons of past.

Don’t hang on to a feeling or an emotion that shouldn’t last.

There’s too much to do in life and it can move pretty fast.

Electric Icarus Project ~ Triggers (Playlist Series)

Triggers come in many shapes and various forms. What I aim to create here is a playlist series that is public and collaborative. Making a series of ever growing playlists that help inspire certain thought and emotion. ‘Triggers’ is the first in this series. That’s a pretty broad category. By all means if it’s an instrumental track containing personal triggers, add it. There’s no obligation, or necessary a story attached. If it fits the vibe, add it! Looking forward to seeing where this goes… Also ideas for the next playlist concept series are always up for discussion.

The 5 Caves of Life…

Stares at back of hand.

Flips Hand Over…

The sojourner, Shamen of Foresight and Empowerment. Shadowed by The Dancer of Life. Followed by The Ancestor of Tribes, family, and other fellow kin. That is how to start this tale. So that is where it will begin.

Midworld, the Palm.

5 caves each… Always a way to hide, or a new method to teach. The pitfalls we learn from the places we fell. The psyche hides all these five cave extremely well. Leaving most unsure how to hide and more concerned with where to dwell. Each in a different cave. This making it hard to break through or sometimes, even save.

This had been the Pinky Finger.

Cave number I, starting small. This being the Cave of Ice. Dreams, manifestations, spirit and all. Entering as the Shamen of the Stars. Knowing life is more than big dreams or their emotional scars. With spirit guiding the Ice Cave, it’s easier there. From regards to having a grand cosmic side with so much flare…

Next was the Ring Finger.

Cave number II, onto The Cave of Winds. New beginnings, future, and changes taking place. That is how we occupy this space. Here, entering as the Shaman of Tradition. Will power to do anything in honor of traditional grace. Beyond worry of dignity or opposition. Knowing thyself, taking a slower steady pace…

Onto the Middle Finger.

Cave number III, The Cave of Hearthfires. The animals, the present, our current, Now. A place most high, we all call it home. Entering as the Ancestor of Illusion. Giving that auspicious “Wow!” Easily navigating your way through every buried catacomb. Not falling fate to their conclusion…

The Index Finger.

Coming up to Cave number IV, The Cave of Rivers. Where The Hunters will show divisions and boundaries. As the Hunter of Paths this helps with even the tides and the seas. Thus making this cave another place of ease. Finding passageways new, old, and even made. Making sure to never overstep or invade…

Finally the Thumb.

Finally Cave number V, The Cave of Earth. The Underworld, a way to kill off, let another bad pattern die. A mistake or possibly even a lie. Entering here as The Dancer of Reconciliation. Committed, with absolutely no humiliation. Dancing in patterns of warmth that spark delight. Bringing joy with every embodiment of presence. Once you’re done dancing you’re elegant flight. You’ll act accordingly and start to mend every single night…

The Entire Hand.

At the end it’s seen. What The II Pillars would mean. What was, and what is. ‘What was’ had been The Hunter of Death. A memory to have but no longer having any breath. What this says is a lot, with precision. For ahead aligned is The Hunter of Vision. Helping to calm the head and Foresight. Remember how to make a good decision. Learn from mistakes and growth from the 5 caves previously imprisoned.

Tales of Moths

Pure daylight, closest to Noon I would say. Upon the entrance lay the moth; black, white, and grey. I finished the cleanse, blew out the candle with no delay. For I had decided my work done for today. Once finished I would declare all I could to need to say. Taking out the remainder of trash the moth agreed, and flew away…

Flying into pure sunlight. Taking off with all his might. Quickly disappearing with no sound. Going to speak his tale. Of a man who’s plan he could unveil. Having a friendlier way, for nature to know. That this man had a good plan to unfurl. Under the Pink Supermoon that Moth found a Moth Girl. They had Moth Children who eventually told the rest of the World…

Way of the Ancient Triad

When all had begun there was Chaos, Gaia, and Tartarus. These all being important parts life would supply for us. Chaos to help everything begin and create. Whether big, small, mundane, bad, and even great. Gaia being the place to be, stay, and call our home. Supplying a life to live with experience when we decided to roam. Tartarus known as a world of punishment for mistakes and wrongdoings made. Suffering that knows no relief, not even from a blade. These were instilled back in the days of old. Set as standard for our basic human mold. They still exist in the mind’s eye on that other plane so to say. Reminding us all of our conscience, ability, and morals… Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2021

The Planet Namesake

In a not too distant beginning there was a boy named Saturn. He looked up, and said this area’s the name I have learned. I’ll take that as the name I’ve earned. Later in life he says, “You Jupiter my Son! This area will be the namesake you have won.” Jupiter grew up to have many wives. Each having children with equally different lives. These children grew big and strong. Some with Grandkids who would do both right and wrong. All gradually taking a name in the sky. Before anyone could ever ask a reason why. Until finally there were enough to fill the gap. This, that, the seasons, emotions, plus anything that passes us lap by lap. Finally people had settled on labels for names of things. This did have a more pleasant ring. Eventually there became a namesake for almost everything. So much so people started to sing. It’s part of those human nature calls. Done as people gradually make their way down those grand halls. Toward a great door of might. Life, the one that shine’s so bright. Guiding all through the dark and into the light. Each and every single passing night. Nothing to do with fear of being dead. That being nothing more than existential dread. For in reality we are laying in bed. Dreaming away in a deep slumber. Building our life away. While fetching all the lumber.

Sound of the Wheel of Return…

The endless wheel of return. Karma to some, the long awaited patience earned. For deeds done both right and wrong. That being the tuning for each individual song. Something beautiful, or occasionally wrath. All depending on how someone decided to take a path. Things will be gained and lost too. That which is the payment due. It can return and truly be a wonderful thing. So when that song is sung, one can join in to sing. For when it comes back great, with rhyme and reason why… That can be enough to rejoice with a cheerful cry.

Time of a Star…

A star may in fact already be dead. Thus remaining visible because of light speed instead. Something we never need to dread.

Knowledge of this is a fact that time can stop. Not ways of the everyday, use of a simple hop to hop. More so in a way we’re not allowed to drop. From our beginning which is our bottom, all the way to the top.

Looking at a dead star one can finally know. Time is part of a more universal flow. No matter the time it takes to eventually grow. Understand it is the route we all go. Learning to become, not just follow. That being the pill life has us casually swallow…

The Melting Shade of Moonlight

A kingdom where Luna can bless us with her grace. Regardless of any human mistakes. There to remind us we are not a disgrace.

Sol to remind us of the day to day. The more ordinary life, so to say. An ethical mundane routine, until we grow grey. Still equally import, simply another way. Something to do helping keep boredom at bay.

Melting each night, first in hues than finally a general shade. The darkness depending on which phase Luna has made. This a changing constant, until a new day is made.

Knowledge of the Thirteen will help to make it through. Understanding each phase, eclipse, or when she’s Blue. Controlling tides, sleep, especially the nocturnal too…

Kiss of the Cosmic Wind

Now her strength has set her apart.
After metamorphosis a migration to roam.
She heard the call deep in her heart.
The path back that always leads home.
Again knowing how and where to start.
Living to help guide others around a dome.
Understanding how to navigate the chart.
Drifting elegant under Moon and Sun.
Gracefully able drift, float, even dart.
From the experience of past battle’s won.

Love’s wild warmth tamed…

The flame of love that grows and reaches high. Something that leaves no one asking why. The truest form of what we know. What comes from inside, learning to let grow. A feeling that makes the heart race. So special it can be read on a face. Most important learning how to love oneself unconditionally. That is more than important but also key. This way one knows how and what love to return. Not extinguishing the flame or causing a burn. Nourishing tender warmth and beautiful light. To help keep things safe while allowing better sight. A complete and everlasting cause. Becoming something that knows no flaws. Glorious and wonderful to seek. The thing that truly separates the strong from the weak.

Pitfalls of the Stigma Triumphant…

Fear of success is the shadow of triumph. It is merely nothing but another minor hump. Without humility or cause, we can become riddled with flaws. Through every dark lurking shade has another way. It becomes a brighter Sun for each passing Day. What aligns and fixes itself won’t always quit. Almost an unethical feel about it. A Dusk and Dawn fix in every single night. Know just when to play your cards right. Eventually one makes it from the shade to the light. This easily happens, moreso without the fight.

Emperor Race For Night Sky…

With such tender ears the calling was easily taken. A race to have, taking traits for archetype making. Before knowing what was in store, “Yes!” was said because this is something any Hare will adore. At the top the instruction’s were so. The 13 of us down the path we go, cross the finish line and prized will be so. There was a Cat, his best friend at one point was the Rat. One would not imagine that. When the Cat could not make the river though, it was indeed let go. Cats Kin the Tiger crossed the line as Three though, just in front of me. Unaware of the river until it all to see. Before then it was hopping and burrowing with glee. Upon the river bed was a rickety old raft, hanging barely by a thread. Its condition did fill my heart with dread. Still farther ahead the Oxen could be seen now instead. No time to waste I hopped aboard with haste. Onto the river I went, where my life was almost spent. The humbling Dragon puffed his wing a mighty blow, sending the raft over the currents flow. A gratitude one never lets go. On shore I see the Oxen is running a stampede. The tiger could in the bush could only be seen by speed. Close as come to beating a Kin of the Cat I froze when I saw the Rat. Not only had he made the river, we were all beat. At first I view I thought this definitely a cheat. Amazed I had forgotten my feet. I cross as number Four followed by Dragon whom was barely beat. Stuck behind for being kind. As we all began to unwind an Oink from Pig brought us back to mind. During food talk and all festivity the Rat had spoke to me. Ox had to agree, and thus did so kindly. Pacts unknown, still stay this way they say. This though still not a move as bad as the Horse will say. For Snake truly scared Horse that day. Pig came in last, of course all festivities had past, we move on towards the donning of awards. Chance was at play, what was there to say? Thumping foot, with anticipation and excitement. My turn came and went. Yet as the Emperor went to speak, the Empress said “No please, this one I seek.” She spoke loud and clear so every participant would hear. “Hare your moral stopped you when you could have taken top 3, what do you have to say to me?” soft spoken could only say “The Rat found another way, defeat is a feat, what else can I say?” “Nothing more Hare, that will do just fine. Everyone the Hare is now mine. His prize will be, to come live on the Moon with me.” This is how the Jade Rabbit came to be…

#LunarPoetry #LunarNewYear #JadeHare #YearOfTheOx #EasternZodiac

Floating Rock Syndrome…

There on a floating rock was this thought. “Could this truly be all I have ever been taught?” That answer being a definite yes. Yet unfortunately, this answer would not much impress. For this was absolutely not suitable in form of what question was originally sought.

One usually loves all, even with the palm of their hand. Earth, wind, water, fire, even sand.

All plainly there, to touch, feel, enjoy, and grab. As well alive too, here on this rotating slab.

Planet Earth with its specific terra. Unbelievable kind that will survive through era’s.

Thus it has and will with continuation still. We’re on our way, that’s part of the thrill.

Always almost done or almost there. We need only to make it past our thousand mile stare.

There is no fear, just a lot to any version of now. As a continuation of “soon to be over” while happiness grows loud.

New Moon, Ox Lunar New Year Wishes:

That everlasting eye with aye. A price we pay. Metanoia, the existence for a metempsychosis stay. For things we do, write, even moreso say. Spelling still, remember is not always a curse. A blessing if it actually works. Fortunately for behind every veil, there will be a seam. There which has yet another person’s dream. New paths or places to navigate. Still without overstaying a welcome. Or even becoming too late. A life less ordinary, people imagine this way. Only in the less aggressive way. Binding us, tracks with time. Making a tune or singing rhyme. These are the ways we are fed throughout time. Learn to flow and better off accept. That simple thing called the human imaginative concept. Our material not yet understood or earned. More broken in, learned, sometimes occasionally burned.

Words I will now convictionally say; “Under a New Moon before this Lunar New Year, during a Maya Analog Wave. While only hand of Mars guides message Earth way. Before our next day Sun reborn. During wee hours on a cold snowy, February’s morn’. Blessing all people with a Happy Moon wish beyond all. Jade Hare still there with Father Bear, in sky above to help witness all. Oxen’s might soon to show. We’re past pulling of a heavy previous Metal Rat haul.”

New Year Opening…

Within the chaos known as past, I wash myself clean before this gate here and now. Stones of past and future to help guide how. They spark the light of this consciousness to be. Whether wide awake, or even in a dream. Surviving was the game, making it even through malice and maim. This has been done incredibly so. Enough to say, “into another year I go!” Wiser, and more understanding of me. Able to see through blatant hypocrisy. Unnecessary concepts and ideas I now let go. Enduring a better life for myself to grow. When push comes to shove I will simply look above. Knowing my current spot and frequency. The parts that help make who I am and will be. Life challenges are test, this much is true. Failing is something I refuse to do. Finding the path over various crossroads is no easy task. Although there is always a way or a direction to ask. Helping to navigate through the dark and light. This way one can finally gain what was part of their original sight. Many roads I have trekked. Not always receiving what I hoped to expect. Another part that comes with creation too. A way how people learn what not to do. Likewise is the opposite, where people learn more than they thought one would get. These and more are blessings still yet to come. As I pursue life revolving around our Moon and the Sun.