Behind the Curtain…

I wrote you a song to sing with the birds.

Turned out all along, you knew most of the words.

Wooing and swooning ablaze, back and forth.

I couldn’t articulate, for what it’s worth.

Caught up in the amazing beauty and grace.

Afraid to be foolish, or make a disgrace.

Unwillingly naïve, yet so incredibly smart.

Allowing me to occasionally fumble the part.

For love is messy, true, and quick.

Regardless of its need to be everlasting, and stick.

Lingering in ways of nostalgia world views.

Existing to distract from the current versions of you.

Until one learns to apply, and still love what they know.

For then it can be incorporated into each individual’s show.

Worry not of the audience or its viewership.

Simply understand and establish yourself, before entering any relationship.

Published by Jon LaBelle

I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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