Electric Icarus Project Playlist ~ Vernal Swing ~

Made the most current playlist on Amazon Music this round. It’s a longer playlist spanning the theme’s of a rainy day. While trying to bounce back and equally balance with what I would consider the sunshine of a track. Those more uplifting moments, if you will. Regardless, it has multiple genres. Enjoy, and happy season change!

Warm Foggy Nights…

It’s that time of year again…

Here’s to a new year of Springing Life back into reality. Don’t forget to hit shuffle, no concept album here. May all have a wonderful Spring and amazing harvests ahead!

This playlist is collaborative per usual. Welcoming any outsiders to add to the vibe.

Note: This is also the time of the year where this site has to be paid for yet again. Any contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated. Donation’s can be accepted through the homepage.

Thank you all and as always, enjoy! – Jon ~ Electric Icarus

Embracing the Spring of Life with
Warm Foggy Pleasures to Create and Inspire…

The Laughter Key…

Laughter though fun, is key to living. If you leave this body, escape this reality. You will come to find laughter lies underneath all. If you can laugh at the reality that exists outside this reality you are on track to understanding life. If a person took all dreams completely serious, how would they accept their true waking reality? We are here, we will always be brought back here. Until time allows death to no longer wake. After transcendence of the next has happened. In an eternal now, accept that this is life and it is here. Laugh about that. Enjoy it to the fullest. It’s the one infallible truth. Despite intervals of shear and utter confusion, know they too will pass. Truth and confusion come in waves. They come on strong at times, they too do pass. The key here still is…

Laughter, those heartfelt divine moment of truth.

Arrogance & Humility of Juggernaut Madness…

When once lost we fall again.

Not as angels, or just men.

But as the divine bound to the flesh.

Recreating our energy never the less.

Through the colors and spheres of our eyes.

Understanding what we see and learning from lies.

To get through the deception of past.

Something that lingers in the mind, which can forever last.

The thing that triggers away as it ticks.

Allowing madness to induce all of its tricks.

Those things that infect the body, spirit, and brain.

The quirks that make people act insane.

Bellowing and quarreling with no cause.

Accepting everything for only flaws.

A great pessimist that can truly undue.

Worrying not of any chaos that will ensue.

Carrying on day in and day out.

Like and raging juggernaut tearing away without doubt.

Until a day that finally arrives.

When the madness finally subsides.

The juggernaut does what it does best.

Decides to give it a rest.

Then decides to help clean up the mess.

From a tantrum thrown that did not impress.

To switch the frame it uses its strengths.

Showing all even further lengths.

There is no limitation of the good and just.

Although bad enough tantrums can turn things to dust.

Careful for madness can consume all.

Animals, people, and masses hear its call.

Best avoid rather than make that mistake.

Of truly finding out what madness can take.

People can see it even through grime.

They call it “Reading Between The Lines.”

The Forward Momentum of Life…

Here in the land of the dead.

We invoke spirit with dial-a-friend.

Ghosts unaware of our true current plane.

Working towards another place, afterlife by name.

What lies there being a way of starting it all again.

Reset of the switch, yet in a different time instead.

I, being the everlasting dimension that conquers all.

With Time; the consumer, great devourer, all creature’s fall.

In limelight or hindsight we enjoy our stay.

As living towards death is the only forward way.

An acceptance not all can willingly take.

Causing them more pain, grief, or heartache.

But even in those kind souls who find this hard to do.

Life continues on, know this much is true.

A land of the dead can become a lonely place.

As our friends and loved ones move on without haste.

No time to worry, think, or ask.

They simply do what they want before they pass.

Spending a life not living in wake.

Is key element to being here and not feeling a mistake.

Always know these lows are part of the high.

To not worry about hell or a place in the sky.

The lows are there so when the high does flow.

You’ll know when to ride the currents fast or slow.

A Countdown to Midnight…

Oh rhythm of this day.

You started out in such a great way.

Not so distant ago in time.

When I awoke and open up my eyes.

Cheerful with a great day to see.

Excited at what was still in front of me.

You didn’t really disappoint or go to waste.

Instead you tricked me and made me move with haste.

“All’s well that ends well!” so it’s said.

There have been days with much worse dread.

I ease myself and begin to calm down.

Slowly loosening a stale resting frown.

The emoting scars from a day worn thin.

A healing that only comes from rest again.

As the shadow of midnight draws its veil.

Finishing yet another days tale.

Starting the clock all over again anew.

While adding an extra calendar day too.

I will dream my plan of rising again.

Of next day’s battle with a much better win.

Focusing it into reality the best I can do.

As wake the next day is expected to be true.

What is Love?

It is the passion, warmth, and fire.

The longing, infatuation, and desire.

The cleansing cup that flows.

All throughout the living soul.

Material things, gifts of the flesh.

Creating memories to later impress.

While carrying the sword so bold.

Using words to breakthrough or seal our mold.

From start to finish it’s in all living things.

It’s a key to a door, a heartfelt sting.

A poke and glimpse at being alive.

We do our best after we’ve arrived.

Working to cherish it during our stay.

We enjoy our lives feeling this way…

Dreaming of Faces…

If one doesn’t want to become mystical about visit’s from those who have passed. Rest assured knowing the brain cannot create a face for dreaming. Every face that has ever been seen, is simply piece’s of one’s waking life. We often see new faces daily, whether this is recognized or not. This could easily be at a grocery store, random people of the general population. Knowing this, also know that we collectively store away memories differently then the rest of these random faces. Regardless, one will at times call upon these within dreams…

Living A Dream

I am a dreamer. A vast majority of my life is spent in my head. I’m very intuitive and a deep thinker. Although it’s when I become creative that beautiful things begin to unfold. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you dream too often or spend too much time in your head. Without this wonderful trait a lot of the world’s best ideas wouldn’t have come into existence. Manifesting them is only half of the work. Which is usually the easier part. I believe most everyone to be fully capable in that area. It’s finding that golden mind nugget that proves to take the biggest effort. Once you’ve got it, just go with it. Never fear judgement.

#LearningFromYourself #Daydreaming

Living Existentially

Every once in awhile we take a look at life and begin to question things. We say things like what lies between chaos and creation? How do I balance good and bad? How do I not be too intense without being too naive? The answer to all these poles and what lies in the middle is life. How you handle that is up to you. When they talk about balancing, these are the things they’re talking about. It becomes existential, yet not necessarily a crisis.

Shadows in the Closet

There lies a psychological closet. Everyone is aware of it. To the point where it’s a known expression. Many things are closeted there. To not acknowledge this is a problem. Not a kink or compulsion. A true acknowledgment. For if neglected long enough one’s shadow will grow into a horrific thing. This only appears when the Id is available. Any version of Ego is gone. That’s when the Shadow takes over. By denying it one loses true control. For it exists in the Id. Which is tapped in during the subconscious. This becoming a problem itself…

Understand your Shadow. Know what makes it and you tick. Negotiate with it. Know where to draw a boundary. If your Shadow is being lazy. Give yourself a day where you clean plus a day to be lazy.

This works within reason for most Shadow work. Call it what you will. It’s an unavoidable part of the psyche. Actively pay attention to it. Living alongside the Shadow is enough.

Fear of nature, the nature of fear…

People are healthy to have an innate fear of nature to a degree. I do believe this to be similar to the reference of the fear of God. Though more of a literal extension of what people believe as their own personal fear of God. On the grand scale it is basically uncontrollable. It is one of the few things that people seem to underestimate. People will get; sunburns, lost in the woods, accidently start drowning, trip and fall, ultimately make every kind of mistake conceivable to a person’s mind. All being done completely on accident simply because they disregarded the nature in front of them. Nature in itself is a strange term to try and define. To describe it in a sum of words: The external components in life around us that we don’t control. The cause and/or our surroundings. As in the phrases “It was the nature of things.” & “I didn’t know the nature of their behavior.” It’s not the fear of the unknown. Quite contrary actually. More a fear of what people know might happen or chose to ignore.

Consciousness of Light

Once only black starlight was all to see.

So sunshine was added to reality.

Fractals of light to fill this place.

All around, not just in the void of space.

To grasp and understand speed.

And what it takes for a need.

Pushing and pulling in unseen waves.

Causing inherent light life to pave.

What we do and shape why we say.

Knowing what heeds to pay.

As life moves around what we are and see.

Part of a light frequency reality.

Hyperthymesia vs. Alzheimers Abstract

Hyperthymesia in people with High Accurate Memory Recall may be the best catalyst in the fight against Alzheimers disease. It will require the patients to explain the way memory application and memory recon works. For once we understand how the memory functions work in certain people we can begin to identify the source of how to fetch memories. For example a person with better mnemonic memory methods may function better with mnemonic prompts. As compared to a person with Eidetic memory who would benefit from a memory fetch of “What did we do on this X day at X time” snapping them out of spells of memory loops. There is only a fraction of people with Hyperthymesia and I do believe this to be the same idea as what a person with Alzheimers suffers with full lucidity. I also believe that the Beta function is beyond that of someone with with extreme Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Hence why this can be ruled out in certain personal ways with every individual who has Hyperthymesia. Once we understand the ways Hyperthymesia works in memory recall we begin to apply method to all people, not just Alzheimers patients. Thus allowing a start for understanding how to handle how we are taught in schools, home, and with peers.

250 Words On Being Alive

When the universe understands that you know that it responds to you while knowing how to respond back, one opens a line of communication. Not what one can consider open dialogue. More of a primal state of banter. One must appreciate the universe for all it is, while in direct communication. Prana and the Divine can be vaguely explained through technique and metaphors. When applying these practices, rituals, traditions, and methods one must remember the omnipotent presence of universal cause and effect. Much like the safety switch on a weapon we must learn to harness what is already there in a way the we can wield the power without any accidental misfires. The key to that switch relies on learning and keeping an open mind. The psyche of one is an entire universe. Therefore we are surrounded by billions of universes here below, before we even look up to the heavens above. Every living thing contains a universe within the universe that is in front of itself. Becoming more than social communication at a certain point. It does indeed become about the harmony, vibration, and frequency one gives off. Only on a much smaller scale than that of what most want to believe. For we exist in a world where we create worlds. We do it in many ways, shapes, and forms. Imagination is what separates man from beast. Most would argue it is intelligence. Yet intelligence is fundamentally seen throughout the animal kingdom. Imagination though, that’s a different concept.

Causes For Cheer…

Happiness is there to always take a peak

For not all is truly dark and bleak

Even if or when we decide to preach

Fire and brimstone while using our speech

Because with each of us deep down inside

There is still plenty happiness to find

In humankind or animal alike

We still understand this happiness spike

Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin to the brain

All helping make life a little less insane

Finding meaning, reason, or a way to go

As we manage our peace in this universal flow

Taking in each breath and every day

As we continue to encourage our everlasting way

On the path of now as we decide to chose

While playing extended games of win or lose

Words on Experience…

Life is an experience.

In this experience we learn.

Be it through academia or past lessons, our job is to share the experience.

That way while other’s have their experience, we enhance it to make it better.

Resulting in greater experience on a much larger scale.

So you can enjoy your experience.

While other’s enjoy their experience.

To experience life is to be alive.

With time as the experience collector.

Grains of experience collect at the bottom of the hour glass.

We flip one over to begin any new experience.

Wiser and more kind to situations, we share our experience with gratitude.

On and on until the day we experience death.

Upon which we truly find out what we experience next.

Chocolate Death Trilogy…

Story outline to horror trilogy. No real dialogue, only simple plot outline and story for Part 1, 2, & 3. These will be released as individual titles.

Part 1

We open on a group of girls around a fire celebrating with cocoa and ayahuasca. Two girls stray and become lost in the desert. While tripping one friend becomes severely ill before resorting to cannibalism.

Title Card: Chocolate Death Ceremony

The girl who resorted to cannibalism has been infected by an infectious strain of cocoa. She wanders the desert rabid like during the opening credits.

We are brought back to the other women around the fire. Still laughing and celebrating until one begins to vomit. Another woman tries to reassure her that it is all natural and to purge as she should. The woman looks up with an inhuman glare and attacks. She goes right for the brain. The others startled, run. One taking off alone. While two couples of two together, run separate directions.

The first couple of two doesn’t make it far until a similar situation occurs as did in the opening credits. Only this time the trip is very real.

The loner becomes sick and starts to go into a crazed frenzy after vomiting. Taking off wildly, like a feral human into the desert.

While the other two are wandering one does begins to change, but the other realizes So she runs.

She is pursued through the desert until she finally kills her predator.

The sound draws the feral one in.

She draws the feral one into a cavern. Eventually crushing her with a boulder from above.

It is after this point she realizes that she was the only one who didn’t drink cocoa because of her severe chocolate allergy.

She starts to navigate her way back through the desert.

She sneaks by the fire to notice the original attack she saw with no predator. A body mangled, yet with only the brains removed.

Aware and alert she makes her way through the night towards town.

As she approaches town, she sees the girl from the opening credits at a chain link fence outside an industrial building acting erratically.

She attempts to go unnoticed. But fails as there is nothing but sky and sunrise as a backdrop.

She makes it into the building only to be pursued throughout. Ends in a rooftop struggle with her tricking her cannibalistic friend off the edge.

She leaves, gets to the sheriffs off where she is discarded as completely insane.

Makes it home to turn on the news and find that not only has her other friend turned as well, but made it into town. She sighs, shrugs, turns off the TV, locks the door, and collapses on the bed. Just as she falls asleep there’s a beating on the door. She opens her eyes. Fade to black.

Part 2

We are immediately brought back to our main character, Joanne.

She is brought in for tests and questioning.

The only thing she knows that she did different was not ingesting the chocolate during the ceremony, unlike everyone else.

She goes out to the spot where the fire ceremony took place.

Joanne shows them a plant and explains to them that the woman running the ceremony said it was cocoa and that they all should do it and that she had to decline for fear of an allergic reaction.

The scientists not saying much but acting upset and whispering eventually approaches her. He explains that they’re going to need to perform some test on the plant before she can be released. That it was indeed a cocoa plant, but that it is unlike cocoa plant they have ever seen.

Title Card: Chocolate Death Disease

We are brought back to our infected person wreaking havoc on town.

She is finally shot and taken out after much damage to many people.

All the people are brought into the hospital. Each suffering bite marks and various injuries.

Then it begins, one starts vomiting and attacks another. All hell breaks loose in the hospital.

We are brought back to Joanne in holding. An Infectious Disease Doctor, named Fred. Along with a Neuroscientist, named Reynold enter a bunker style quarantine room. They begin to explain to Joanne how the flavonoids of the cocoa plant had been in a mutation the night they ingested them. It appeared that the plant itself had been trying to ward off an intrusive species of some sort prior to their ceremony.

Unfortunately those plants didn’t even make it through that same night she had. They explain the correlation of chocolate and the brain and why they think the victim’s brains are being eaten. It is at this point she is told that she is completely healthy and that there is no more they can do with her. As she is about to be released a guard appears and says to all three of them, “You’ve got to see this!”

On the news the hospital is up in flames and people are running and screaming. A crazed person in a hospital gown runs around until reaching the camera and knocking it over. At which point all that can be seen is grass and the caption of ‘Are Zombies Real?’

All three look at each other. Joanne responds with a quick “I have nothing to do with that.” At which point they ask for her help. Wanting details of what she did before, to survive the night how she had.

We are brought back to the town where chaos ensues.

The police exit a riot van and begin attacking all citizens including the uninfected, because of the frenzy. This causes a complete uproar with all those that are uninfected.

The town quickly splits into two factions after a majority of infected are killed. Based on obvious town politics and unknown prior traumas the decision happens easily.

We’re brought back to the three in the bunker where it is determined that nothing, but luck, skill, and brute force was her ally that night.

As soon as they begin to devise a plan, they are told what has happened during the day they’ve spent talking

We’re brought back into where it has turned to complete anarchy. People looting and raiding. Police and civilians fighting. Random attacks from the infected all throughout.

Our three main characters walk out of the compound to a sunset of burning skyline with the city ablaze nearby in distance.

“Well so much for that idea” Joanne says.

Fade to Black

Part 3

We are brought into a fast action montage of our three main characters weaponizing and gearing up.

Title Card: Chocolate Death City

Our three main characters are walking through what used to be a normal town. Buildings on fire, alarms going off, and broken glass everywhere. Making it look as if it had been abandoned long before a week prior.

We see the skill of the Fred the Doctor first, as he enthusiastically uses an axe to behead the infected.

Next, we see the knife skill of the Reynold the Neuroscientist who begins to throw scalpels at an infected attacker. Three throws: left eye, right eye, heart. The infected attacker falls immediately.

Finally with Joanne, we get to see her skills honed again as she reuses the same knife, she used in her first kill.

Then we are brought to Geneva, Switzerland where they have taken notice to the growing situation. They are in talks of completely nuking the town. Waiting on permission from the president.

At this point the Reynold receives a phone call. Upon answering, it is a friend from Geneva explaining exactly what was explained about the nukes and waiting on approval.

The Reynold hangs up. He begins to try and explain, just as they are ambushed by the first full group of zombies they’ve encountered.

They all three barely escape with their lives, only to hide away while the infected wait outside.

During the wait the Reynold explains what is going to happen.

It is then that it is revealed that Joanne is the daughter of someone high in the political ladder.

She makes a quick call to get an answer only as the Reynold’s phone dies.

They must escape the horde of zombies to find a phone.

The horde has grown from the sound of other zombies.

The Fred and Reynold begin talking about herd behavior and hive mind and Joanne shuts them up by reminding them they’re about to be nuclear waste if she doesn’t make a phone call soon.

They leave their hold up spot slowly. All go unnoticed until the Fred’s axe falls, alerting all zombies nearby.

In a sacrifice Fred puts up a good fight so the others can escape, but does die by horde.

Upon reaching a house they try to go in only to be welcomed by shotgun fire from behind a closed door.

At this point a group of radicals come out in Mad Max style gear as if the apocalypse had already happened.

They are chased off and run near the police station. Where they are immediately no longer followed upon reaching a specific street. The Mad Max dressed people turn around and walk back without as much as a taunt.

They discuss how strange that was and approach the police station.

They are met with force by officers in all riot gear. They are called vagabonds and left beaten outside the police station.

Joanne helps up Reynold who got it far worse due to his tall height and stature.

They stagger together toward a gas station that appears unoccupied.

Once entering they are immediately aware they are not alone by a smacking sound from behind a shelf.

They try to leave but Reynolds’s broken leg knocks over a can. A crazed infected person pops up and lunges at them.

Reynold is bit. Joanne completely snaps. She grabs a doorstop and smashes the attacker’s head until it is nothingness.

Reynold coughs, he and Joanne share a moment together before dying.

Joanne makes her phone call behind the gas station counter.

As she exits to go to her extraction point, she walks over the Reynold, badly injured he still turns too. Pathetically he grabs at her legs. Joanne stands there looking at him pitifully with a tear in her eye, before turning and walking away.

As a helicopter lands an infected crazed attacker from a far distance run towards Joanne. She never breaks stride in her calm walk, as she throws her knife with a perfect head shot. Ultimately leaving the same knife from her first kill into her last. She calmly boards the helicopter. It takes off.

As Joanne flies away, we see her smiling while looking very uneasy. Completely bloodied up without having a scratch. Then way off in the distance a mushroom cloud appears. She never makes a flinch or loses the steady uneasy smile. Looking deranged, yet questionably still human.

Fade to black

In the works of being turned into a screenplay. I could use some help. That being said…

Disclaimer: This is part of the Electric Icarus Project of which I am willing to collaborate. This idea remains intellectual property to the Electric Icarus Project. Myself, Jonathan LaBelle or any other authors who may decide to contribute to the entity that is Electric Icarus Project will also retain sole authorship while apart of the entity. This will happen through the correspondence of email, until authorship is otherwise discussed and agreed upon in consent by both parties. All contributions should be sent to labellejon@yahoo.com.

Breaking Static Loops…

We spend our youth in wait to get old.

By the time we’re getting there, that feeling grows cold.

Instead a reflection of what is days past.

Moments where nostalgia will happen and last.

Hoping for more or less time as we spend our days.

This thought process taking even more to waste.

Reflect on the times now that are true.

For that is truly the best one can do.

Try not to feed into that static loop.

For you are yourself, as an individual or in a group.

Progression is there, to not only exist.

Be proactive if thy future you want fixed.

Focus in the now, is what that takes.

To better follow up and prevent future mistakes.

Dwelling on the moments lost is not real.

For they are alive in the mind as part of the deal.

Tap into the one’s that can serve best.

But don’t forget now is the time being addressed.

This is Boards Of Canada (Video Mix)

Starting a new ‘This Is’ collection. It will consist of music and videos from a various specific artist. Audio video meshed and mixed together in surrealism. Spreading the sound and taste of my favorite artists through a new art form. This is the sample draft of what is to come with other artists… Note, this has pauses of album covers as segues at times to keep music flow. Future videos will not use this effect often. Enjoy!

Process of Light…

The stars, vessels of light.

Exposing themselves in the night.

Aged past, viewed from afar.

Every time we look at a star.

Sol, our star bright and true.

Closest, to help keep us warm too.

As we spin, chart, and navigate our kin.

With Sol, a Sun of many brethren.

While our planets drift through wide, ancient spaces.

The light shines differently, creating the astrological phases.

To daily predict or better understand upcoming events.

Created by an individual source of light pattern consequence.

The Generative Law

The Generative Law encompasses all 7 hermetic principle and is the true action to fundamentally making law of attraction happen. It can mislabeled as love, but the closer definition would be care or drive. It’s the generative function of the ambition it takes to allow the other 7 Principles to become. It is also known as the hidden law. The actual occult secret hidden throughout all the various mystery schools is the generative principal. ‘Generate what you care about’ is what people need to know that want to use Law of Attraction. People can generate a lot, attract just as much. Although if you don’t care enough to follow through with the drive, it can unfortunately lead to some rather unsavory consequences as a result. Imagine the vice versa scenario, being created only to be tossed aside. It would feel like a child getting tired of a toy. We play the roles of God’s when we utilize this concept. Which lies in the strength of wisdom and maturity. Ambition must be used wisely and genuinely care about what’s being attracted. Remember, you attracted it for a reason. Nurture and rear it, it will grow. Likewise loose ends are a common breeding ground for anxiety. The follow through is that magic moment. The continuation is the creation through evolution. The key to understanding resistance is knowing all Principles that follow The Generative Law correspondingly. For resistance exists once The Generative Law has taken place. It’s its own natural consequence. Hence why ambition and drive play major factors. There is work involved in the magic we create.

I. The Principle of Mentalism

“THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”

II. The Principle of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”

III. The Principle of Vibration

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

IV. The Principle of Polarity

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

V. The Principle of Rhythm

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

VI. The Principle of Cause and Effect

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

VII. The Principle of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

(8) The Generative Law*

Singularity to creation. The source of any creation that applies to the 7 Principles.

Existence of Now

Now is consistently the only everlasting moment. Not to exaggerate it with the idea of time as an illusion. That would be pure nonsense. We are indeed linear creatures by nature. Therefore this gives us the advantage, in any given now. Time allows us to have learned from the past, and to be proactive about a future. Any given future. By definition now is always one step before a future. A fleshy plane where past and future link. That is where we exist. It is proven, by what is known as life. And by living we create more past, to work on more future. Which happens now.

When Questioning Existence

Without questioning existence too much, understand we are here. Optimistically, we absolutely accept why. Pessimistically, we tend to doubt why. The answer to the question will not be found in the why, but rather the way. How we chose to exist. Whether optimistic or pessimistic, the way we choose to react and present ourselves ultimately has a larger impact than any of the why’s that came before. Worry not if you chose to be here, were chosen, or have a soul contract. Be here and aware now, not only present. This way difference’s can be made and people continue on living. Which is the everlasting point of being human and alive…

Testimony of Life

When and why did we stop preaching life? It would seem we like to preach death. Even the consequences after which. Yet, we rarely give praise to life itself. The most common person to give praise to life is someone whose life is spent. I refuse to become another statistic though. I will preach life and everything about living it, as long as I live. Not in fear of losing life, for that is always the ultimate outcome. But in regards to bringing hope back into the lives of those I touch. Ultimately endearing a better version of life in general. Manifest destiny if you will…

Paintbrush of Mind…

How to paint your own backdrop?

Start without landscaping so much to where one will have to crop.

Allowing all the people to better fully see.

What it is that is truly surrounding Thee.

For once people can see and think of one’s view.

They grasp a better concept of that which is ‘You’.

When painting that canvas, know to stay the centerpiece.

That way one doesn’t become lost in way too many feats.

Wins, loses, everything thought and done combined.

Anything that has made impact enough to stick around in the mind.

Those things happen outside that cropped frame.

That sometimes unfortunately make people appear insane.

If we understand this fact as a truth.

We can paint over the past all the way back to our youth.

Careful though, decide and know what to keep.

That way it doesn’t become a looping quest that you seek.

Understand you can always paint over what was once there.

Or you can even repaint it in a better way, with more gusto and flair.

Wants – Alan Watts + AFX (Electric Icarus Remix)

Analogue Philosophy Project: Alan Watts lecture mixed to 3 AFX Analord Tracks


“What do you want?”


Where’s Your Girlfriend?
Crying In Your Face

“Wants” (4th Kind Mix)

The Writing Backdrop

I hear the track, then see the light.

Before I can hear it, the train is in sight.

The whistle blows loud but, not as cold as the wind.

Not on a night 8 stories up, before the snow comes in.

The train passes, and a mighty gust blows.

This having an even louder sound after the train goes.

Noticing the winds cold upward ascent.

Where it will meet with warm air and its time will be spent.

For the heater goes hard and pumps away.

Keeping all that cold air at bay.

On what is known as a frigid November night.

Before actually deciding what to write.

Or was this really the writing task?

Guess that was the question I should’ve first asked.

This works for now and will still please the mind.

For I have used my words to inspire another kind.

Chasing A Dragon…

The cryptic force that inspires us all.

Things that make kingdoms crumble, and bridges fall.

Onsite to do what it takes.

For while in love, sometimes there are mistakes.

Those mistakes that leave a heart heavy with guilt.

For no one wants to damage any kind of love they’ve built.

Pushing onward we move, and forward we go.

Continuing the dance of this elaborate show.

Even when; mimed, gestured, spoken, or sung.

Immersing ourselves with the wonderful tones that have wrung.

Harmonizing, syncing, and afloat in the waves.

Of what is known as an Oxytocin induced haze.

Finding new ways of love that’s to come.

As each and every moment has begun.

The Compassion Application

“Nature hath given men one tongue but two ears, that we may hear from others twice as much as we speak.”

“For what else is tragedy than the portrayal in tragic verse of the sufferings of men who have attached high value to external things?”

“It is possible to learn the will of nature from the things in which we do not differ from each other.

For example, when someone else’s little boy breaks his cup we are ready to say, ‘It’s one of those things that just happen.’ Certainly, then, when your own cup is broken you should be just the way you were when the other person’s was broken.

Transfer the same idea to larger matters.

Someone else’s child is dead, or his wife.

There is no one would not say, ‘It’s the lot of a human being.’ But when one’s own dies, immediately it is, ‘Alas! Poor me!’ But we should have remembered how we feel when we hear of the same thing about others.” ~ Epictetus ~

Atomic Evolution Machine

Immunity for what we do and how we live.

Something accomplished even as a kid.

Never really an excuse.

More of a need or reason to have cut lose.

Instead we choose our lives and how to play.

Being what is known as Human molded clay.

Golems, Gods, and creatures to be.

Eternally known as what is living free.

Free to be a person and do what you do.

Free to express yourself and truly be you.

Remember though there is a cost at times.

For those situations where we’ve dropped the dime.

Where you have to pick it up and go at it again.

If you wish to successfully continue or truly win.

Often these changes happen on an atomic scale.

Not something for our eyes to unveil.

The minute changes that come with synchronicity.

The flawless urge of the ever present universe to be.

Seeds of Elysium ~ Electric Icarus Concept Album

Not an entire playlist like usual. Was feeling a concept album more appropriate. It is meant to be listened to start to finish. It has a specific flow. Clocks in as a 70 minute LP… Enjoy, happy Autumn to all!

Note: Made during the Total Lunar Eclipse.

Behind the Curtain…

I wrote you a song to sing with the birds.

Turned out all along, you knew most of the words.

Wooing and swooning ablaze, back and forth.

I couldn’t articulate, for what it’s worth.

Caught up in the amazing beauty and grace.

Afraid to be foolish, or make a disgrace.

Unwillingly naïve, yet so incredibly smart.

Allowing me to occasionally fumble the part.

For love is messy, true, and quick.

Regardless of its need to be everlasting, and stick.

Lingering in ways of nostalgia world views.

Existing to distract from the current versions of you.

Until one learns to apply, and still love what they know.

For then it can be incorporated into each individual’s show.

Worry not of the audience or its viewership.

Simply understand and establish yourself, before entering any relationship.

Loop of Time

Feeding on all that’s been done, and all that’s to become. Living in wake of the Oroboros true. Doing its infinite looping through and through. For all that we can see and know. Being actors in a grand show. Speaking, writing, moving around to be. Doing something we call ‘individuality.’ For with these days and nights as they go. Time tends to move differently, either fast or slow. Definitely a fixed thing of sorts. Rigid in nature, not allowing disruption or distorts. Speed is what it takes to go. Where past, future, and now’s flow. How we make our minds work is the trick. It’s more than taking time or doing something quick. It’s a frame, a state of mind. Something shared by all living kind. The fourth dimension as we know it true. For the third dimension is everything in front of you. Like a game, on a counsel we play. Universe works it’s time in the same way. Pausing as we sleep. So our checkpoints in lives we can keep. Saving and restarting day by day. These are the fragments that make up our history.

Living in Love…

I began when the Ocean kissed the Sky.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

I grew spending my youth,

desperately trying to explain the truth.

The one thing I know is we don’t really know why.

Certain things just happen and go by.

Taking time to judge and perceive.

Doing what we best think we need.

I know what it is that I seek.

That which is a life neither bleak, meek, or weak.

A life inspired to do what it takes.

And even knowing when to pump the breaks.

Deciding on my own accord what to do.

As each day passed me by too.

Living my life just and free.

Truly being myself by letting me be me.

Lungs to Gils and Back Again…

The underwater breath of life. An intake that hurts humans much like a knife. Filling the lungs with all that’s become. An infused universe created below the Sun. Pulled to and throw by ways of the Moon. Adapting each time to the new dance and swoon. Finding a new life and way to be. As having parted from sky to be with sea. An abyss exists in both forms true. While each still remaining mysterious to the other, leaving very little clue.

Nightmares Can Be Silenced With a Single Piano Chord, Scientists Discover : ScienceAlert


Added a links below for 10 & 30 minutes of C69 Piano Ambience… Enjoy, sleep well, and fight the nightmares anyway possible.


Introduction of the Jungian Mindscape…

“The years, of which I have spoken to you, when I pursued the inner images, were the most important time of my life. Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore . My entire life consisted in collaborating what had burst forth from the unconsciousness and flooded me like enigmatic stream and threaten to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than only one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, the scientific elaboration, and the integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then.” – C.G Jung, 1957

Author Note Prior to ‘The Red Book’ aka ‘Liber Novus’

Fractals of Shattered Tears…

Taking and making. Binding and finding. All we are, and all that is to come. Divine light nature of Earth, Moon, and Sun. Tears of the celestial gods. Spawning life through chaotic odds. Dear to be alive. Envious for the dead, and all that dies. Time breaking ties. Even truth, deceit, and lies. Filling things of a void. Making the feeling of happy or annoyed. Being frank, candid, and clear. Always handling whatever is near. This is in the contract of life friends. That’s something everything has signed, until it ends. Do not dwell on worries or naught. For in the essence of all, it eventually becomes wrought. Part of living history and Now’s to come. As the cosmos do their dance, with each new Eon that’s begun.

Inner Eye of Abraxas…

The eye of Abraxas is cunning, vivid, and wild.
Sleeping away like an unborn child.
Waking never, only to dream our reality.
For thee is the eye Abraxas uses to see.
In a godlike way, in a dreaming state, set to never wake.
Not in a lifetime of our kind.
Make no mention or pay piece of mind.
For when that day does finally come.
All will be anew and there will be another sleeping one.
One to slumber and dream away.
So reality can exist in the day by day.