Dogma Of The Woven Threads

The dogma of both materialism and mechanism formulate synchronicity. This can be seen as a way to refine the concept of material cause and effect, in order to explain things that don’t make sense within a strictly mechanistic world view. Like the crossing threads in a woven fabric. Synchronicity and causality interact constantly. With chains of cause and effect unfolding over time while synchronicity pulls them this way and that, in order to gather them into clusters of meaningful coincidence. – John Michael Greer (From random article that inspired the poem below)

Call it Tao or the Logos. I call it the pattern from a source that flows. I ask not the source, for that is nigh. It started somewhere in a human mind. Out of place, out of time. A context, no explanation why. More concept’s to make us wonder our mission. Fear not, have blind faith with conviction. Always ask more for addition. Ask who, what, where, why, and how. Once these questions start consciousness begins to form now. Careful how you take someone, this much true. People are people, some days we are blue. With one goal, one sight, and one piece of mind. Time to use this ability for what we really want to find…

Welcoming of Self…

Welcome and introduce the better version of the self. Aiding both the inner psyche and general health. This being the overall best kind of wealth. A righteous way to pass through each day. Finding new things in an exceedingly better way. Never letting things become dull, bleak, or gray. No more ignorance or blatant hypocrisy. Instead a new view and better way to see. Understanding how to become and what to be. No stretches of endless searches for hope. Nor sliding further down a slippery slope. Leaving absolutely no reason to even begin a mope. Instead trekking with courage, strength, and might. Continuing forward to obtain whatever is in sight. Living life with our God given right.

Tomahawks and Horns

Found this article in FB memories from one year ago. This being immediately after randomly deciding to read some previous unfinished works. I specifically chose one to pursue first. I began writing Tomahawks and Horns in Spring 2018. I am now considering a collaboration effort. Below is the original outline with Prologue. If this story interests anyone and they would like to collaborate let me know by leaving a comment.

Tomahawks & Horns:

The Cleaning of the Eclipse.

The Day of the Ships; an intro…

None saw them come in. They called them ships. Our mind’s eye could not conceive what had never been seen by man spirit. Even most animal spirits were immune to this un-noticing effect, except those of the water. Why I did not check the water that day I’ll never know, it is in the Mi’kmaq known spirit to attend to all things land and water. My job that day was to tend the dock… 

Walking through a rice paddy later that evening I got my first sight of them. They look so different, yet similar. Fiery red hair, Giant’s of stature and muscular strength. Bearded, terrible, scarred men. Women too, although they appear different? Some have hair as golden as the yellow Sun. Some have hair darker than a night with no Moon… 

“Are these Giants Gods?” I asked myself aloud accidentally, for I saw a group of giants appear with horns and weapons of a nature that I had never seen before. One speaks, It’s a strange tongue they speak. Not necessarily evil, just fast, unnatural, and very stern in nature. 

“Do I greet them?” I think to myself. Just as I am about to rise in the field I see something that completely changes things. One of the women. This one with dark red hair  “very natural Autumn looking, beautiful” I think just as THUNK! A Giant with Horns butts her in the gut with the blunt bottom of his weapon. “Are we to be collected or eradicated? How did they even get here?!? I must warn the others!” The young Mi’kmaq says aloud quietly to himself, as he runs off.

Far off in the tree line a warrior of great status with the Gods stares at a rice paddy and listens to the thoughts of a young Mi’kmaw man, confused and frightened. He sees him get up and run. He maintains his spot just long enough to make sure the Mi’kmaq is out of sight. Once gone he returns to his leader. He bows and asks to approach. He is waved forward. “Sir, I have news of the utmost importance. Where we are IS inhabited… but the thing is th-” The Giant on his throne silences him with the wave of a hand. On his throne he speaks putting sheer fright into the warrior. “What Color?!?” The warrior in shame hesitates then says “Golden.” 

From his throne he howls the loudest, most blood curdling howl that even the whole tribe of Mi’kmaw hears it. This happening just as the young man assigned to the docks shows up. He hears this too, looks back as a total lunar eclipse begins. Everything goes red, the heavens open up. It’s then that he knows and says aloud. “We have a long road ahead, filled with carnage and betrayal, but we shall overcome this threat as we always do. Time to start preparing”…

  1. The Lunar eclipse causes confusion in both invaders and defenders. Invaders take this as a Blessing when they see the crimson sky just after finding out about the natives of this land. All but one, the Throneed Giant. The Mi’kmaq know this as a sign in their favor all too well. 
  2. The Red Night is that of the cosmic Root Chakra being stable and grounding. Red Night Symbolizing: energy, action, confidence, courage, and change. The color was always known to bring passion and strength to relationships, life, and work for the Mi’kmaq. A good omen. Red Night Spiritually Effecting: stability, security, grounding, courage, action, physical and emotional survival.  
  3. Mi’kmaq have a Golden Energy/Aura, The Giants have White. Thus allowing Mi’kmaq to transfer, gain, control, harness, deliver in transiently, and most importantly steal. Something the Whites love to do. They possess a lot of the same properties as gold, but are still one tier down the ladder. 
  4. Gold uses White Energy to juggle, manipulate, strengthen, brighten, use, and can easily manipulate the abilities of all. They’re the only ones capable of stealing with no return. Yet even with this power they are known to be complacent and peaceful people. Completely connected to the planet. This intrigues the Throneed warrior, having never thought it possible, is compelled. He knows the stories and myths. He has to see this with his own eyes. He deeply desires something he can never have. Creating a megalomania of the unobtainable and unteachable.

Key Chapters

  1. Peaceful and kind they may be but fierce they become.
  2. Diplomacy is tried but Mi’kmaq are proud and powerful, refusing.
  3. White cannot attain what is now believed to be a myth. THEY were the myth to the Mi’kmaq.
  4. Confusion, betrayal, kindness, and humanity appear.
  5. Carnage begins.
  6. Powers unleashed
  7. Dethroned into the red. Sealed to a cloth rug in a sacred well during a Solar Eclipse for all eternity.
  8. Pick a side.
  9. Sides chosen
  10. One last betrayal
  11. Life moves on.

The It Of Existence

Beliefs plus imagination is Mankind. Yes we can flex thumbs. So of course we build. Honestly it works like this…

I believe ‘it’ making it so.

You believe ‘it’ conceptualizing reality.

More believe ‘it’ slowly looking more real.

Everyone knows and believes, thus manifestation to reality achieved…

Done this as long as people have been around. Questions fuel life. Now we are here, we accept that. We do not have to necessarily like it. Accepting things now can prove very difficult. Doing it none the less is essential to keep the train of life on track and on schedule. With or without the bells and whistles. We conduct… That’s a fact!


“Do not lose time on daily trivialities. Do not dwell on petty detail. For all of these things melt away and drift apart within the obscure traffic of time. Live well, and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead.”

Journeying The Cosmos

For this next next task I ask you leave this place.

Enter with me now as we enjoy Space!

Inward toward our core.

Where we’ll meet with Sol for sure.

Beating heart of all warmth and light.

Always there even during nights.

There is no day or night here among this star.

For the light to dim we must go far.

Next is Mercury a messenger of sorts.

When in retrograde communications can distort.

Next is Venus with all the love.

The kind that’s felt below and above.

Next obviously being the Earth.

The place where our life took birth.

Next onto Mars with passion, desire, and fight.

Waging on ceaselessly with so much might.

Next we find Jupiter large and full of luck.

Like a kind father helping when stuck.

Next we see Saturn keeper of time.

Always there during youth, old age, and even a prime.

Next lies Neptune shroud in mystery.

Eventually unveiling and reveling past history.

Now ahead is Uranus full of chaos.

Always there when life feels a toss.

Finally far in the dark distance there’s Pluto to see.

Something that shaped all fundamentally.

Know off in the distance lies the always questioned Planet X.

Leaving people curious with it’s elliptical thousand year treks.

Thanks for journeying this part of the the Milky Way.

Hopefully this little trip brightened your day.

University of Life: Propaganda vs. Gorilla Marketing

Propaganda by current standards and measures is; “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

Propaganda implies the public is aware of what is considered non-conformist behavior. Which can cause a division among people. Allowed to be open where the public opinion holds more merit. Great examples outside politics would be the entertainment industry. We see propaganda so much in the headlines about things in the entertainment industry, that the entertainment industry has to create their own propaganda. And that’s to keep people guessing rather than figuring out what they, for practical business reasons are hiding.

Both are similar, unique techniques of marketing. Whether that be a product or oneself. Biggest difference is macro to micro.

Gorilla Marketing is defined as; “innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.”

Moving onto what we can consider Gorilla Marketing. Immediately what comes to mind is direct mail campaigns. Seen this done on smaller scales too. Where to find out where each festival would be one had to follow all of the flyers. The easiest way to put this one, it’s the path of aggressively marketing through whatever means necessary. Could even place coupons in this category.

To bring this all together. How can these be applied to our individual lives? Well I begin with Propaganda which becomes applied to the Celebrity of Self. Regardless of how good or bad a person does in their lives, there is a certain level of propaganda that follows. Even if they move away from said propaganda. Basically as if they had too much tabloid attention. Which leads to more Gorilla Marketing. This can be considered the flair a person has, persona, lifestyle, belongings, essence. A person will do radical Gorilla Marketing when they are in distress, have recently moved, start up a new job, etc.

Damage of this norm by social media and the internet plays a massive role on this. Both sides are in a heightened or on a pedestal type state online. A highlight reel of good and bad, very little in-between. Honestly can’t think of any other time in history where people’s lives have been so known to one another. Nothing in recorded history to my knowledge.

Which brings about this paradox. If so much is known, why is Propaganda so common and Gorilla Marketing of the self so important? One can be considered Gossip 2.0 but what of the person who does market oneself online rigorously? Not even for reasoning, just doing so. Has the computer age caused specific personality disorders to flair up and appear only online? Something a person does to dissociate from who they were earlier and are in general to enter a specific online persona? A simplistic form of NPD. Outside the internet the narcissist is normal. Their narcissistic Jungian Shadow has been officially fed.

Before internet people didn’t have unlimited access to everyone, everywhere, at any time. What was once considered a wonderful idea for security purposes, has slowly seeped into the hands undeserving citizens and back alley criminals. People with malintent that is. The beauty is people can fix this now. Once a person becomes aware they never actually forget. Absent minded, occasionally. But hammer something in and it stays. Our recent bout with a pandemic showed this much.

Now is the time to retain who we are more than ever. It’s like high school without any of the cliques. Freshman at the Grand University of Life. Know your teachers, understand your peers, do your best. First impressions have already been made. No sense in trying to make a first impression daily. Consistency and tenacity are but two of the major factors in the Universal Plan.

Into Autumn – Playlist ~Electric Icarus Project~

The newest playlist in the collaborative series. Feel free to add what feels appropriate for the nature of the playlist. Enjoy!

Lingo of Life…

Living any life with too much down, worry, fear, or stress.

Well that’s definitely going to cause a lot of distress.

Though that’s not for the part of soul imprint that we leave to impress.


To overcome obstacles practical and through mystery.

Making the best and worst days of our personal lives into everyday history.

We do this all with the simple form of mundane intracity.


To continue on as so day by day.

Living our lives in many a various way.

Never knowing exactly which debts to pay.


For that which is known as a daily basis.

Of a common everyday human stasis.

We know and accept better how to take this.


We call it being alive.

Even during this autonomous drive.

Because one can still manage to survive.


With all xenolinguistics, a Bable of sorts.

We use language and word to manage our forts.

The literal and metaphysical kinds of consorts.


Things we love and decide to take in.

To redo and make things better again.

Always making sure that life is a win.


Labor Day Whites…

Those off-beat surfer, Spanish flamenco jazz Labor Day vibes…

Seriously though, the song below is absolutely amazing. And also I do actually bid a happy Labor Day to all. “But don’t forget no white after labor day!”

What does this truly mean?

Well, it is absolutely a tradition, yet still totally a choice. Always has been.

In older days, it was the way of saying you weren’t rich enough to spend time in a Winter or Summer home. And that if you wore your white clothes, they would become dirtier after Labor Day. Leaving for more work to rid stains or replace clothes. Working more for the upcoming Winter and Holiday Season’s ahead because of the Summer season coming to an end.

This a lot of makes sense on a level of tradition due to word of mouth. Which also became a sign of respect.

Whites after today or not I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday weekend and great holiday season to come!

‘High On Life’ Gameplay Footage + Behind The Scenes with Justin Roiland

The ‘highly’ (pun intended) anticipated game featuring the voice’s of Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland and comedic celebrity J.B. Smoove ‘High On Life’ will be made widely available December 13th, 2022

Offered immediately for Xbox Game Pass as a Day One title and on Supported Platforms; Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and PC (Steam or Epic Game Store). *Official Game Trailer Above*

Now with 25 minutes of featured gameplay (Video Below) ‘High On Life’ seems to be right on track for release date and gameplay expectations. *Suggested for Mature Audiences (M+/TV-MA) only.*

‘High on Life’ is an upcoming comedic biopunk first-person shooter by Squanch Games. It was conceived by Justin Roiland, who is known for his work on the TV series Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites. It takes place in a colorful, absurdist science fiction world and features anthropomorphic talking guns. *Taken from Wikipedia*

Below is some bonus footage with Justin Roiland and Squanch Games talking about ‘High On Life’ to give a better perspective of what we can look forward to.

Missing Links in Question…

I am going to briefly discuss the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is indeed evolution.

But not in the sense of what one would typically apply this thought.

Basically, when one wants to think of evolution as a thing of the past.

By doing this, one will always find a missing link.

When one finds this said missing link, it only raises more questions.

Causing one to begin to dig and pick at something so hard, they essentially begin to lose focus on a leveling up point of living.

When living, our job is to be evolving.

Genes mutate, climates change, viruses happen, people grow up, times change literally and culturally, etc…

So why would one ever think they need to worry about what the evolution was before their now?

It can be a distraction from the ever moving future.

Understandably genetics is a thing, and to know part of the past in a hereditary or a familiar sense is quite smart.

Yet when we talk about evolution over the entirety of lifespan, it honestly doesn’t matter all that much.

For we will always continue to evolve more.

Science has already proven this.

Which also implies that thousands of years in the future people are going to ask how we were living during this current now.

Then they’re going to imply some part of evolution changed and there must be a missing link.

It becomes a bit of a loop, only due to historical standards.

Because we divide things so well in our minds, lives, and applicable knowledge that we actually don’t know much of anything.

While still capable of truly learning or knowing everything at once.

So whenever one gets of the track of their own personal evolution, they slow things down for those around them.

Likewise this can happen to the person who diligently works to evolve themselves daily.

They tend to become hard to keep up with.

Ultimately forgetting the need to get back on track with our own personal human evolution.

Instead of allowing this to happen as evolution naturally does.

Making sure to; adapt, change, let go, grow, move forward, become wiser, get better… to learn new knowledge and senses applied based off prior experience.

Picking apart evolution of the past is essentially the everlong quest for knowledge that cannot be obtained.

To work on the evolution of the future is to leave a legacy and keep the human race alive.

Living To Love

Musing faraway rapt, to reckon with now. Pondering ceaselessly with no avail. Constant brainstorming to find out how. It will always be that holy grail. For it’s how we grow. Love is future, pain is the past. Hence why pain shouldn’t constantly last. Hope is dangerous because of the expectation value concept. Searching for something with more depth. Going from peer-to-peer. Life itself is the answer here…

Children, Nature, You, I, are under a watchful eye. It’s constant, yet holds no bounds. That’s the gift of life and the curse of now. Live to love means to stay alive. For without this thought all concept begins to die. ~ Jon

Leaving Unlucky Behind…

“How unlucky I am that this should happen to me.

But not at all.

Perhaps, say how lucky I am that I am not broken by what has happened, and I am not afraid of what is about to happen.

For the same blow might have stricken anyone, but not many would have absorbed it without capitulation and complaint.”

“The offender needs pity, not wrath; those who needs must be corrected, should be treated with tact and gentleness; and one must be always ready to learn better. The best kind of revenge is, not to become like unto them.”

“It is my good luck that, although this has happened to me, I can bear it without pain, neither crushed by the present not fearful of the future. Because such a thing could have happened to any man, but not every man could have borne it without pain. So why see more misfortune in the event than good fortune in your ability to bear it?” ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Dream World Revelation’s

When checking an email I stumbled upon a Quora thread. This lead me to reading a response to a question titled “What is Heaven Like? What do you do for the rest of time?” in which there’s a fairly valid response of…

“My spirit world sources said the following about what some call Heaven, others the afterlife:

It is a beautiful place – nothing on earth can compare
Colors are similar to those here, but they are more brilliant without being glaring
In some areas colors appear diffused and are calm and nurturing
There are not many geometric shapes and no sharp angles
Everything is very welcoming & calming, with no loud or distracting noises & no storms
You can choose to see a gentle rain or whatever sensory experience you might wish
There is pure, unadulterated serenity
There are no animals, but you can call up an image of any you wish to see
If you wish to contact another spirit, you have but to think their name & get a response
There is no anger or personal conflict, but there can be disagreements & discussion
Spirits do not judge each other, nothing like what occurs in mortals
There is no disrespect of others or prejudice
The appearances assumed by spirits reflect every Earthly ethnicity, but there are no distinctions made among them and groups are not formed based on appearance
Everyone is considered beautiful, which is in part a reflection of the love of the Creator that is visible in their faces”

This led me to wonder how this is any different then the dreamlike state of a person who is at ease with themselves. Not only symbolic to a dying creature but how waking reality dies daily. Unless acted upon by another force; stress, anxiety, work, sex, adventures, joy, drugs, etc.

The brain is capable of reaching 11 known dimensions every time we sleep.

The 12th is known as the Godhead.

Electric Icarus Project: Visual Album #1 ~ Conditioning

(1) Gnosis (2) Spun (3) New Topia (4) Diamond (5) The Lifter (6) Another World (7) Hazard (8) Follow The Fool (9) Suffering (10) King Rat (11) Burial (12) Dignity (13) Recollection

Note: All odd numbered are songs instrumental tracks…

⬆️The entire album/playlist compilation.

⬇️Each individual track with lyrics

1.) Russian Circles – Gnosis

2.) Chelsea Wolfe – Spun

“I lift my eyes, I slow my gait
And I never wanna see you again
You leave me restless, you leave me hung
You leave me coiled, you leave me

Spun, spun, spun

Awaken in a tangle of wire
I slept desperate, trying to reach you
You leave me reckless, you leave me sick
I destroy myself and then I want it again

Spun, spun, spun, spun
Spun, spun, spun

Heavy love
Coiled and spun

A brute, an angel, and a madwoman
A most elegant impediment
Was there from the start
Waiting and repeating within me
Waiting and repeating
My problem is their downthrow and upheaval
And my enquiry is as to their working
And my effort is their self-expression
But I was only rock, dust, water, and ice
And animal instincts all along
The hyperosmia and the base sense
The prodrome and the aura
The shadows and the sleep deprivation
The trichomes and the deliriants
Cut through the fear conditioning
To finally understand
It was all and everything or nothing

And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing”

3.) This Will Destroy You – New Topia

4.) All Them Witches – Diamond

“Hey, I’m a diamond
I am spinning clay
I am the wheel
That turns the day

I am waking
To the sound of games
I have never known
In a world of shame

Hey, I am waking
To the sound of games
I have never known
In a world of shame

Hail the way King
Though he’s old and grey
The body moves
But the mind’s unchained

Hey, I’m a diamond
I am spinning clay
I am the wheel
That turns the day

Hail the way King
Though he’s old and grey
The body moves
But the mind’s unchained”

5.) Tides From Nebula – The Lifter

6.) Gojira – Another World

“We mock and slaughter all the purest kinds
Blinded by the noise and maze, this flash in our eyes
Hope for the world but prepare for the worst
I’d rather find a way on my own

Another world, another place to be
Other world, a new place for me

Don’t believe your lies, don’t believe your tales
I’m longing for the day I will find

Another world, another place to be
Other world, a new place for me

Another world, another place to be
Other world, a new place for me”

7.) Long Distance Calling – Hazard

8.) Primus – Follow The Fool

“Look at that there fool talkin’ lots of shine
To turkeys in the rain filling heads with brine
A fancy little fool with fancy little ways
Churning bullshit into butter ’cause butter always pays

But who’s the bigger fool?
Is it the fool?
Is it the fool who follows the fool?
Is it the fool who follows the fool who follows the fool?
Or the fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool who follows the-

Look at that there fool playing dirty tricks
He must be made of Teflon ’cause nothing ever sticks
Dancing ’round the room while farting in the breeze
Friends huff it down like it’s American cheese

So who’s the bigger fool?
Is it the fool?
Is it the fool who follows the fool?
Is it the fool who follows the fool who follows the fool?
Or the fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool who follows-

Look at that there fool still talkin’ shine
If he don’t get his way, he’ll bitch and piss and whine
He can’t complete a sentence, can barely complete a thought
A mouth so full of lies, you’d think his tongue would surely rot

But who’s the bigger fool?
Is it the fool?
Is it the fool who follows the fool?
Is it the fool who follows the fool who follows the fool?
Or the fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool?

The fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool
Who follows the fool who follows the fool”

9.) pg.lost – Suffering

10.) Modest Mouse -King Rat


We spun like birds on fire right down towards the residence and I
I took all that I desired, even crooks have to pay the rent.
We swam like rats on fire right, right down the reservoir
We took all that we could carry but we tried to carry more.

And you know you know you know it all went wrong.
And you know you know you know it was all wrong.

We choked on street tap water well I’m gonna have to try the real thing
I took your laugh by the collar and it knew not to swing.
Anytime I tried an honest job well the till had a hole and ha-ha
We laughed about payin’ rent ’cause the county jails they’re free.

And you know you know you know it all went wrong.
And you know you know you know it was all wrong.

Deep water, deep water
Senseless denial
I went down like a rag doll as you would, child
Deep water, deep water
Senseless denial
I went down like a rag doll as you would, child

Oh, lucky lucky lucky lucky me again.
I said it looks like I’ve got to use my feet again
Well I just spent my last one-hundred dollars
God I’ll pay my bill again

Oh, I don’t care
Oh, how I just don’t care.

Deep water, deep water
Senseless denial
I went down like a rag doll shooken and shy
Deep water, deep water
Senseless denial
I went down like a rag doll rat of a child

Well King rat has me on his list again
I can never be on the fence again
I found out it’s all loud
Open like an organ and it
Talk, talk, talk, talk again
He promised me that when I cheated him
But I could open my eye well

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky,
Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me again.

Deep water, deep water
This senseless denial
I got fed like a fish, full of open smiles
Blue water, deep water
Oh senseless denial
I got fed like a fish on the cardboard smiles

Well well
What do you have to say for yourself?
I said, well well
I said well, well, well, well!

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me again.
I hardly knew I should use my feet again
What do you have to say for yourself?
What do you have to say for yourself?”

11.) God Is An Astronaut – Burial

12.) Opeth – Dignity

“Vid ett årsskifte så upplever många en känsla av vemod
Vid tanke på det some aldrig mer återkommer
För andra är det ett ögonblick av förväntan
Inför möjligheten att eröva det nya
Andra återkänner oro
Inför en förändring som innebär ovisshet
Och kanske försämring
Alla dessa stämningar är var för sig förklarliga
Någon sa här om dagen
Att vi lever I det stora uppbrottets tid

*English Translation* (At the end of a year many experiences a sense of melancholy at the thought of the things that shall never again return. For others, it is a moment of anticipation of the possibility to conquer the new. Others again feel worried about the change that will bring forth uncertainty and maybe deterioration. All of these moods are each and everyone accountable. Someone said the other day that we live in the age of the great sundering…)

Prince of lies is on his knees
Holy rites, spreading the disease
By his side a youthful girl
Wedlocked force unfurls
She’s young
Far too young

Far too young

Can we dictate life with dignity?
Foul agenda, corrupt in secrecy
Oh no, no, no, no, no

One false prayer wielding blasphemy
Price the spirit as a wanted property
Oh no, no, no, no, no

Congratulations to the five men of affairs
There was a purpose with this life
Insinuations if she holds anything dear
Then it motivates submission in his lair

He is waiting for darkness
Opens the door
He’s slithering

He is waiting for darkness
Opens the door
He’s slithering

He is waiting for darkness
Opens the door
He’s slithering”

13.) The Clouds Will Clear – Recollection

Universality 2D Concept

Occasionally down, brittle, or torn.

Even sometimes scattered, yet always born.

Taken straight from the Stars of the Sky.

All to create Man, Woman, Child within the human eye.

To continue on living the day today.

Only to do it again in another way.

Doing things, this and that, what one personally considers their best.

Taking on each day with something new to invest.

Again being yet another test.

These being different ways for how we live among the rest.

To meet with identity when there’s a reverse in that which we call our stay.

People begin to understand the concept of below and above.

To know the hell’s in heavens of Earth we live on and love.

To do this without any thought of how or what we did.

Even being victorious as poles react.

Some times losing happens, that’s a fact.

It’s part how life genuinely stays intact.

We live on in so many different shapes and forms.

Although in each plane it’s always a norm.

Here in the waking dream we play the one we see.

From 2D eyes viewing in 3D.

It allows us to live and maintain a state of fleshy.

We will even consider this state more than reality.

Because we begin to further understand the concept universality.

And to do that one must simply understand the concept of you and me.

*Slam poetry into cellphone app*

The Dimensional Rap

When it truly begins, we think again. Not remembering, aware of a why or when. Simply accepting that there has been, a place that we’ve known and somehow brought in. We brought it into our Lives; Minds, Bodies, and Souls. As we did this we took on different roles. Asking for a grand masquerade. The real hologram of infinite Two Dimensional viewing waves. Third Dimension being the way of the people, who have seen their lives. Unravel through 2D eyes. Sometimes that can appear like strife. Stuck in 4D which is also known as Space/Time. Which classically is great way to almost end this rhyme. Although before I end it now, I will continue to say… Time without speed continues as the fourth dimension to this very day. Ascend and go higher with our mind as we can. Because we need to use our gut, heart, and brain the best we can.

The Sun Wheel (A Birthday Playlist)

Made a playlist to celebrate my 35th year on this earth! Theme is music I enjoyed then and now…

Sowilo ~ The Sun Wheel

Made a birthday themed playlist. New and old tracks from artists and bands that have inspired not only recently but over the past few years…

Sowilo ~ The Sun Wheel

Gemstone – Rubylement – Air

Element – Air

Polarity – Male

Tree – Juniper

Deity – Sol, Baldur

Astrological Correspondence – Aquarius, Pisces

Keywords: Winning, sun, energy, willpower, integrity, vitality, purpose, power, leadership

Old Norwegian rune poem:
“Sól er landa ljóme;
lúti ek helgum dóme”

“Sun is the light of the world;
I bow to the divine decree”

In Old Norse, Sowilo is known as Sol or Sig, in Anglo-Saxon it is Sigel, and Sauil or Saugil in Gothic. As the Sun, Sowilo represents the center of our universe.

In Norse mythology, Sol was the Goddess of the Sun, and a daughter of Mundilfari and Glaur. Mundilfari along with Glaur, were Giants who were the parents of both Sol and Mani (God of the Moon).

The Anglo Saxon rune poems say:
“Sigel semannum symble biþ on hihte, ðonne hi hine feriaþ ofer fisces beþ, oþ hi brimhengest bringeþ to lande.”

“Sun is ever a joy in the hopes of seafarers when they journey away over the fishes’ bath, until the course of the deep bears them to land.*

Sowilo is also related to the light god of spring – Baldur (the son of Odin and Frigg).

Once the seer told Odin that his son would die at the hands of the god Hodur.

Concerned Odin told Frig about this and she take promise from all living creatures that they would not harm Baldur, but forgot about mistletoe plant.

Loki made an arrow out of the mistletoe and give it to the blind Hodur who kills Baldur by accident.

After the death of Baldur, his brother, the god Hermod, went to the kingdom of the dead to the goddess Hel with a request to release the most luminous of the Aesir.

The Mistress of the Dead agreed, but only if all living beings mourn Baldur.

The insidious Loki turned into a giant and said that he would not cry, so Baldur would remain in the realm of the dead until Ragnarok came and he was finally reborn from the dead.

This is the rune of victory, courage. To carry out your plans, you will need some level of aggression. You will be able to achieve success and fame. The rune supports in acquiring new connections and contacts, in friendship and love. All this will be permeated with the energy of creativity. In medicine, it is able to destroy, “burn out” the disease.

However, it should be applied with caution to those who have already activated the energy of fire in its negative sense: increased temperature or pressure, exacerbated chronic disease and in the case when there are inflammatory processes.

In practice, Sowilo has often helped in resolving legal issues, but unlike Teiwaz, the rune does not require you to be fair and right in the situation. It is able to fill a person with energy and strength to achieve his plan. But you must not forget about the balance, energy cannot come from emptiness, therefore people often feel tired and sleepy after the rune work ends.

The use of the rune in formulas is universal, it can both heal and harm. Often it is acts as the main rune, which does the main part of the work, and the rest, only indicate the goal and consolidate the result. Sowilo action in the formulas can be described in two words – burning and energy.

Hávamál, Stanza 68:
Fire for men is the fairest gift,
And power to see the sun;
Health as well, if a man may have it,
And a life not stained with sin

Short about Sowilo:

Grants strength and success, fertility and healing.

Promotes the accumulation of mental energy to increase magical potential.

“Cleansing” of the body’s energy centers – chakras.

Will clarify an unclear situation and push you to the right decision.

Capable of transforming negative spiritual experiences, turning painful experiences into a solid foundation for further development.

Source: Runic Formulas – The Book of Runes

Leo Season/Dog Days of Summer Radio…

Indie Hip-Hop, IDM, Indie Rock, Indie Metal, etc…

Independent music for the independent individual. New Moon Music for Leo Season and those Dog Days of Summer still ahead. As we wrap another season up to begin moving forward into the next year ahead more motivated with better days!

⬆️ ~ Collaborative Playlist

⬇️ ~ Radio Station

Thumbed Up tracks during radio play from the link below get added to the ‘Collaborative Electric Icarus Playlist’ above.

Electric Icarus Project Playlist ~ Theme: Independence/Individualism/Identity

Rick and Morty Spin-off ‘The Vindicators 2’ Episodes 1-10

The Waking Dream

Those who call upon on a name, do this not in vein. For not all must not be slain, because a source of pain. Any guilty pleasure should not overrule this measure. Success and adventure do not come as a type of tenure. Rather a path that lasts, defying all past or future to come. One that betters more than a few sum. All can reap the benefits of staying meek, while not appearing or being weak. For there lies the ultimate strengths, that most search in extreme lengths. Like harnessing the power of the Sun, that mission is not for everyone. Sit back now and enjoy fun, please don’t go and jump the gun. For ye know not of what thy eyes see. This is more than a you, me, or we. The culling has long ago begun. Let others do work, theirs that must be done. This is the solace, the peace those seek. Directly in front of thee, yet no one speaks. Do not wonder where those become strays, for those will only be darker days. Instead seek out the light. Even in the dead of night. Each has a calling to their name, which can feel quite insane. Listen to that deep spot of soul. It is the way to fill a personal hole. A void all can feel, something very rarely revealed. This fun, this world, it is all a pearl. Look at it, give it a twirl. That dirt and grime eventually hardens and shines. Riches of man not only are found below and above, yet more importantly in the current life we love. Use that for which you seek, otherwise all becomes bleak. All holding tightly to the grail, one must look past this veil. For any action can be seen, in a small daily routine. Work dutifully morning, day, evening, and night. Just do not give up that fight. Find your space. That personal place, where you may have that taste. Of all that’s to come. All that will be won. The spoils of life are plenty of fun. Though let there be no haste, for that would be a waste. Of life; a life still unknown, for we are not fully grown. Society has its wants and needs. Those are not for the soul to please. That requires what others will not see, do not let this discourage thee. Stay strong and tenacious to the end. Watch who you might call a friend. Plenty to steal from a glass, this my friend’s will not pass. This is what is called a loop. Stand up off that stoop. Be what you’ve always wanted to be. This being personal advice eye hope you can see. For this reality is the waking dream of we… 1/3/2020 @ 3:03 – 4:04 AM ~ Jon ~

Electric Icarus Weight Loss Diet/Hack

This diet requires…



Instant Coffee



Grilled Chicken

Brown Rice

Olive Oil


✓ Start each day with 2-4 eggs cooked in olive oil.

(A reasonable amount of seasoning is fine)

✓ Make/Begin drinking low dose of instant coffee (no cream or sugar). Making sure to save some to drink with eggs.

(This will begin to super start your metabolism for the day)

✓ After coffee is finished eat a banana.

(This; nourishes the body, helps keep the metabolic effect going, adds potassium a natural electrolyte, while also keeping mass on the body)

✓ 20-30min after the banana is finished (enough time for digestion to begin) start slowly drinking the kombucha.

(This adds extra caffeine continuing the metabolic rate while allowing gut flora to reproduce. The banana is a prebiotic and the kombucha is a probiotic. 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut. This helps aid in a more natural sense of overall wellness. Be warned if the gut is full of junk that it needs to rid itself of, the body will. This can result in diarrhea for a brief period which is part of the weight loss process and a natural detoxification process.)

*Kombucha can be drank every other day or just twice a week if this is an issue. Also make sure to drink plenty of water and electrolytes if this occurs.*

✓ Next throughout the day eat only celery and drink cold water.

(Celery takes more calories to burn than it actually has simply as a food itself. Water also has to be warmed up by the body which also burns off even more calories)

(✓) Mid-day have another cup of coffee for one last quick metabolic boost and energy recharge.

*This part can and should be avoided for people sensitive to caffeine.*

✓ By Dinner you’re going to be extremely hungry. Eat plenty of grilled chicken on a large bed of brown rice and broccoli. Again, a reasonable seasoning is totally fine.

(Broccoli helps as an anti-inflammatory and brown rice will fill the hunger without producing the same starches other rice does)

– Ground turkey can be used as a substitute as well. Essentially a dirty rice style dish with broccoli. (If you’re on a budget this is the route to go) –

~ That’s it, it takes little to no time at all. Quick tricks I learned. I expect no one to just dive in to a diet head first. Also it’s not a diet to do everyday. It works good in knowing a decent life hack on how to shed some pounds quickly. It has worked for me. That’s all I can say. I do know one thing. I am in tune with my body. But every body is different…

That being said anyone who actually tries this and doesn’t see results, please stop. This genuinely might not be for you. Although if anyone does try and they do see results, please leave a comment below and let me know how effectively it worked. I ask no one to try this. But anyone who decides to and has an experience they would like to share I urge that they do. Thank you, love yourself and enjoy your wonderful body. ~

*Disclaimer: This diet is not approved by the FDA. It is science I have personally done with myself and has not been tested by or on anyone else. People that choose to use this diet or any variation of should keep nutritional supplements and/or meal replacement drinks/products on hand to avoid any malnourishment. Again these claims are made on behalf of one person’s personal experience and the science based research done by said person. What works for one individual does not always work for another. Anyone who decides to try this method or any variation of does this/that according to their own free will. Leaving myself the author, and any owned names/entities non liable for any legal action to be taken against for all intents and purposes. – Jonathan LaBelle (Electric Icarus) 7/11/22*

Roots of Dignity…

“The Universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” – “Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts; for the soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” – “When force of circumstance upsets your equanimity, lose no time in recovering your self-control, and do not remain out of tune longer than you can help. Habitual recurrence to the harmony will increase your mastery of it.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Adopt new habits yourself: Consolidate your principals by putting them into practice.” ~ Epictetus

Tolerance of Shame and Shamelessness…

“When you run up against someone else’s shamelessness, ask yourself this: Is a world without shamelessness possible? No.

Then don’t ask the impossible.

There have to be shameless people in the world.

This is one of them.

The same for someone vicious or untrustworthy, or with any other defect.

Remembering that the whole world class has to exist will make you more tolerant of its members.” ~ Marcus Aurelius ~

“Men do not care how nobly they live, but only how long, although it is within the reach of every man to live nobly, but within no man’s power to live long. ~ Lucius Seneca ~

“Do not try to seem wise to others. If you want to live a wise life, live it on your own terms and in your own eyes.” ~ Epictetus ~

Memories of a Pandemic Summer…

Ended an outdated, frail tossed aside Jon. That role can actually be worse than really being gone.

Over the 2nd class treatment especially if viewed as a child. Tired of that causing things to get wild.

It becomes exactly what comes back in return. 2nd class logic and childish acts, a language that can burn.

My personal metamorphosis now being done. A stasis that proved not so fun.

An old cocoon, now another empty shell. No longer a place to personally dwell.

The shell has not quite deteriorated yet. Looking back on things knowing what not to regret.

Making sure my wings are set and good. That way when I fly, I fly high and do as I should.

Had to wait to be ready to fly. Giving it my best while I have another try.

With change there usually is an environmental evolve. Yet simply another problem to solve.

If you know who you are and what you truly value. Nobody can send you off path or askew.

Love, hate, and all the in-betweens. They’re nothing if you’ve seen yourself some sort of King or a Queen.

That kind of title is lived, most definitely earned. Proving there’s a problem with what most people learned.

To most it’s “another day, another dime.” Sadly enough, that’s an unfortunate real concept of time.

~ The above was wrote on June 29th, 2021 while staying in Georgetown, Maine and doing travels during global pandemic hype. ~ Jon 6/29/22

7 Laws With The Psyche…

When speaking as the Gnostic or Hermetic on the common psychological terms about poles, one must bring up the masquerade. We now use this term known as spectrum. Equally the same thing in all technicality. A more updated terminology is all. One that defies being regarded as an ancient understanding. To even discuss spectrum someone literally has to divide something into two poles with one subject at heart. This is the 4th Hermetic principal. “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” Most unaware, we still use these hermetic values to this day. Masquerading throughout life. We make up new words and terms to apply the same practice’s. It is used as a mask now. To get away with teaching the simple knowledge we’ve simply disguised it in different jobs and degrees now. People need to understand where the changes have happened and begin to apply old principles too. The law and the practice are still the same. The process is what has become confusing. Understanding all seven hermetic laws is still fundamental. Especially if you’re going to be a psychiatrist. For the psychiatrist in this day and age can sometimes be the Folk Doctor / Witch Doctor in disguise.

Common Sense…

What exactly is common sense?

It is technically defined as a good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.

Technically, the trickiest kind of yes.

This perception comes in where the reality changes.

The meaning of common sense begins to change.

It becomes based on a social norm standard rather an individual reality.

Lines and borders blur this concept even more.

If I leave my country am I expected to know the common sense of a people who’s language I cannot understand?

Easily I can respect tradition and follow a moral compass but I would still be a deviant in their society, even if only temporarily.

Standards and common sense can be but do not always need to be mutually exclusive.

A standard being defined as an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.

If we give embrace to the real meaning of common sense we allow room for more learning and growth.

For your common sense is different than mine.

A film director’s common sense is different than that of a music composer.

We understand the term in a macro society norm.

As an excuse for not meeting standards.

Embrace the flow of each individuals common sense.

They willingly open up and teach what they know.

For them it’s common sense…

Desire to Live

If your desire to live is slim.

You’ll live your life on a wim.

Take each day and hold it anew.

That’s what humans are supposed to do.

Time is a river sometimes it rushes, but it always flows.

Resulting in various things we come to know.

Don’t take that for granted or live with too much pride.

To actually live humbled, is to set that aside.

Enjoy every moment that you get.

Because in the end it was all part of it.

People are Places as Places are People

People are always going to be people, you can rely on that. It’s human nature.

Places will vary depending on location.

That place takes on a personality. One of the people.

Raising wonder to the question.

“What influences what more?”

Both parties have unique personalities.

We know the good and bad of a town that we know.

But much like a stranger, when visiting others we judge and fear what we don’t know.

The Gold of True Courage

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.”
~ Terence McKenna

Life From The Panels

Plot: A comic franchise with a rich illustrious history. Brainchild of two creators who shortly follow each other in death each at old acceptable ages. Both were Icons; they were artists, they told stories, they changed the world, they were constant trend setters, revered by adults and children alike. But at what cost though? Strange events occurred after the first death. Based on decisions being placed solely on a contract written in blood with an agreement from both men. Choices are made and before the second man dies he agrees to the terms, having kept a secret card he can now use.

Ext: White van in the street with a body bag on a stretcher behind it being zipped. Two gentlemen load they body. Screen fades as van drives away. Title card appears with black background. Fade in to a foggy Limbo-like place.

Man’s Voice: “He is not here. I know the terms of our contract. I understand your plan and always have. Always fond of chess so I like to stay one step ahead. Since the decision falls entirely on myself now… The Heroes will be joining your Villains during this hell on earth you’ve planned for ¾ of a Century now. For I specifically ended all my notes, speeches, and quotes with MY spell, which lies in a word everyone knows very well. This spell will release on this day, the day that I die. It will be spoken so much and will utterly defy your power. For you to create and destroy at the same time would contradict and all would be ruined. So I say to you; make your decision, I’ve lived with and loathed in this sorcery far too long demon. Damn near a century is long enough. You were just lucky I had love in my heart and a plan, or I’d have finished this decades ago. I never did like you. So with my final words I release all upon this world for you to decide, just know… My hero’s are designed to win in the end. There were a few unreleased projects I was working on by the way. Viavante!”

~The creature stands there… Baffled at the truth in which the man spoke. It sees that the known evil monstrous creatures are indeed there. As well as the Hero’s, who had defeated them time and time again. Then the new projects unfold. First excited to see horrid creatures of mutation, strange sinister animals, but then THEY came. New hero’s of wild stature and bizarre nature; Dark Hero’s, Renegades, Gangs of Mercenaries. Then the beast understands what has just happened.

Demon: “I’ve been tricked! Throwing in project’s. Dark ones, knowing it would distract me long enough to stop this from happening. I should’ve listened…

Demon: (inhuman scream) “RAWWUGGGHWR!”

Demon: I don’t even KNOW that any of those new creations are evil. They just looked so horridly beautiful. Well, I guess I’ll have my hell on earth for what little time I get it. DAMN YOU!!!!”

~Beep Beep BEEP BEEP BE-

~Jessie hits the snooze on the alarm. Just as she was drifting back to dream land (shown by blurring vision while looking out ta chaotic window distorting with a slow fade)

~A laud thunk comes from outside her widow. She awakens quickly runs to the window and there lying in the bush is her second favorite superhero of all time.

Jessie: “H-O-L-Y Shit… Fuck me sideways, is this shit real?”

~Suddenly the figure in the bushes stands, looks Jessie in the face. Jessie faints immediately. She wakes up in his arms and he says

Superhero: “Stay calm I’m here to save you and the rest of the world. We all are!”

Jessie: “All?!?”

Superhero: “Yes all. Anything our Creators have made is now on your plan of existence, the 3rd Dimension. We’ve moved from the 2nd dimension to yours! In his death he allowed us this gift.”

Jessie: “So that means the bad too?”

Superhero “Of course! Including the ones you don’t know about! They’re a little scary and weird but they’re all really good guys.”

Jessie: “Dude, why are you so fucking cheerful? My world’s completely changed!!!”

Superhero: “Life change can be great. I’m happy because I’m 3D now. Buck up, I’ll keep you safe!”

Jessie: “F-uuuuu-ck…”

The Love Madness

Urban decay among natural beauty. Trauma that brings change. The struggle that comes with survival. Two in a tremendous struggle. One finding themselves even more different then they ever knew or could have believed. The other struggles to maintain the world around them, embracing every change only to find the problem never dissolves…

Disaster happens, now the two must pair along against the thick, thin, insane, odd and dangerous. Side by side they might make it. Without each other they will not. Only problem is there’s been an accident and they’ve been separated…

Chasing logic, reason and intuition one devotes their time to this way of finding the other. Whilst the other follows their heart and slowly begins to deteriorate and crumble under the pressure of looking for their lost lover. Both not only feel, but know that they are lost…

Eventually time catches up with them and it’s over. Only now radiation poisoning has settled in. They’re older, more bitter, worn from the journey, and emotionally wrecked. Showing how not only the world moves on but people will too…

Fortunately we see a madness induced love fundamentally come back together. Each with their own scars of time (much like our planet). They pursue forward and begin an all new chapter…

Another bomb explodes in background as they walk off into the sunset holding hands. They never turn to look back at it. Showing even more that they are moving forward and desensitized and more prepared for treacherous path that still lay ahead of them.

Sunrise to Sunset

During a bright yellow Sunrise a blue flower blossoms open. A man in a cowboy hat and dirty denim jacket bends to smell it. As he stands back up he stretches, breathing in deep the cool Spring Sunrise before taking a big sip of his daily cup of joe. He sits having his morning swing and cigarette awaiting what this beautiful day has to offer…

The man now attending to weeds growing throughout his flower beds. For he had too many beds to tend to. Such as a man with a green thumb would. Sweating now for it was going to be a hot day he takes a drink from the water hose. Out in the back forty he hears a car pull up. He expected no visitors on this day. He hears the knock on his front door quite loudly, from where he stands in reference to the back yard. Buck his loyal black lab barks quite unlike anything he has ever heard him do before. Paranoia settles in as he hears the 4th round knocking…

Hiding now behind his shed, he has a partial view of his driveway. A man in a black suit and tie stands just outside the door of the driver side. His eyes and head angled at his front door. Probably focused on Buck he assumes. Yet, he never moves a muscle, not even to make a scratch of the face, or wipe the sweat from his brow. Constantly fixated on that one focal point, the front door. Leaving Jed out of the man’s line of sight…

Moments pass and soon he hears foot steps. Knowing his location in the yard this is odd. The man in the black suit is still at the car. His mind goes into overdrive with thoughts to which no on can answer for him. ‘Who are these people and how many are there? I live live alone and owe no debts? There is only one reason he would possibly hear footsteps, someone is searching. Searching for him surely, but why?!’…

Soon the sound of footsteps retreat. By now he’s very curious as to what’s happening. He grows weary of this unwanted anxiety and paranoia. So now he chooses to become angry. He goes around the other side to where the window of his shed had been. Realizing the fate and irony of that outcome. That previous Winter his shed window shattered to pieces on an extremely cold day. This was because he slammed the door too hard that day over basically nothing. Pissed the rest of Winter for all he could do was put a clear tarp over it. Freezing his ass off and cursing it all those days, he now saw this as a blessing…

Jed sees no one, so he goes for it. Only unfastening the lower right corner, he slips in unnoticed. Still angry if not now more amped up then ever, he grabs his shotgun. He proceeds to load his ammo belt with twelve 12 gauge shells. He straps his belt around his waist and reaches (getting on tip toe) to the highest shelf in the room (obviously done by him being old, rotten and worn). He feels around for a moment, then the worst happens. With a horrendous sound of clatter the shelf collapses. Metal still clanking around he anxiously and furiously looks through the mess for what he wanted in the first place…

He finally finds what he was looking for underneath fallen debris, it’s his Colt 45. Growing up a huge Dirty Harry fan of course when he grabs it first thing he says is “You feeling lucky today punk?”. This only fills his heart further with anger but now adds blood lust. Knowing all too well he has been heard by the breaking of the shelf he kicks the open the door. Gun in hand, screaming while in full on Fight or Flight he is ready for the battle ahead…

He veers off to the side of his house where he had originally saw the man in the suit. Although he is gone now, Jed is to gone himself. Too far so to slow down now. No matter where these men are he will find them. As this thought passes through his mind he releases a raging scream. Soon he’s around front. He takes a look around for a moment then spots them hiding low by the other side of his porch. Little do they know the tops of their heads just barely barrel over the deck of the porch. Just barely into the man’s line of sight…

Precision is going to be required but his shaking is far to rough for what he aims to do. So he calmly steadies his aim. He has to aim between the front and side sets of wooden railing. He gets his shot and goes for it. It’s a head shot directly to the back of the skull. The other man immediately leaps up and starts to flee. He sees that he is Dressed in a gray duster and some blue jeans. He’s headed off to the back forty. “So begins the hunt” he murmurs as he chases after the man in the duster…

Searching high and low he cannot find the man anywhere within the vicinity of his back yard. So off to the field he goes. Old dying corn stalk from the previous Summer fills the field. The man takes it upon himself to create a new path by stomping the stalks down as he walks. He begins to become furious and screams aloud again. Then suddenly as if to answer his roar he hears him running the field, going the opposite direction. “He’s headed to the damn car, FUCK!” he screams this vulgarity. Immediately regretting this lack of control. For too many times now has he given off his location, so he begins to calm himself…

He begins his walk toward the house. He finds his way back out of the crops, only to see his back door wide open. He immediately thinks of Buck, and as to why he is not barking now. The man immediately returns to beast mode, only even worse this time. “My fucking house” he repeatedly utters until it finally becomes a screaming mantra. He enters his back door, this time with shotgun in hand…

“Where are you!” screams. “This is MY fucking house!”, “You killed my dog!” he screams and sobs uncontrollably. “You fucks! What have you done?!” more sobbing. Then the faintest sound from the kitchen, a wooden rolling pin falls to the floor. The man turns and looks in time to catch the man in the duster with his eyes. He gives off two bellowing shots from his shotgun and hears the thud he was waiting for…

The man walking over toward the thud pulls out his Colt 45 again. Upon reaching the body he realizes there is no need for the Colt. Duster man has been blasted through his lungs, neck and face. Coughing up blood a lot of blood, he manages to say a couple of last words to his killer right before he dies. “We were just here to serve you papers, *Gasps* your dog is fine, *Gasps* he r-r-r-uh ran out the back door while you were screaming. Sorry for all this *Gasps* the police are on their way. He sighs heavy and dies before Jed’s eyes…

He begins to panic. No longer able to control thoughts or think logically. Then he hears the sirens in the distance. Sirens from all directions, so many sirens. He scatters off to the shed for more ammunition. He notices a blood orange Sunset just before reaching the shed. The man scatters through the mess as the sirens grow louder. “Everything was bright and beautiful this morning, so full of life.”, “Now all I see is blood, on my hands, in the sky, it’s everywhere, even in my mind!”…

The sun had almost fully set when finally he finds the extra ammo he was looking for. He grabs what he can, for time has caught up to him. He can now see the red lights reflect inside the darkness of the shed. “They’re here” he says maniacally. Pauses for a moment before beginning a guttural scream, kicks the door open with two guns wielded he runs from the shed screaming like a blood thirsty barbarian. Ready for battle again…

Author Note: ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ is a short story intended for the screen. Written in one sitting during the Summer of 2018. It is intended to show the horrors of anxiety and PTSD. When writing the intention was telling a story with a constant growing tension and anxiety. Putting the audience on the edge of their seats with little to no action or dialogue. Also leaving room for future viewings of what’s going on outside the main character. Eventually creating a sympathy and understanding for all characters with subtle signs sprinkled throughout the background, especially during the most intense parts.

The Magic to this movie would be…

The Pledge: A Beautiful Sunrise

The Turn: A Crimson Sunset

The Prestige: Multiple Views

Ace Ventura: Rebirth

Intro to Screenplay for a Surreal/Mind Bending, Noir, Dark Comedy – by Jonathan LaBelle

Jim Carrey Would Return To His Most Iconic Role Under One Impossible Condition

EXT: Camera moves through seedy alley in the rain. Opening to a street in a run down part of town. Camera pans up revealing a large rundown buliding. Lightning crashes in the background.

Open: Ace sitting in cushioned faux mahogany leather detective chair by a window in an office on the third floor of a run down neighborhood. The setting is twilight, raining and gloomy.

~There’s a knock at the door.

~Ace turns slowly from peering in deep thought from the window. It is revealed he now has slicked back hair and a groomed greying beard.

Ace: “Enter!” (in typical Ace fashion but toned down and far quieter)

~A woman enters dresses in a black pin striped pant suit.

Ace: How may I help you?

Woman: (fast talking and cheerful but with a sense of cattiness) I expected more enthusiasm from the famed Ace Ventura Pet Detective! How are you doing my name is-

Ace: Let me stop you there… (Rolls eyes in exaggerated Ace fashion) 1. Yes I worked with the Miami Dolphins. 2. Nothing happened with me and Ray Finkle. (Angrily under breath) Despite all the comments and various controversy. Hell I barely survived the Whachootoo tribe! Which brings me to number 3… I’m tired of reporters like you (gets louder) coming in here (completely exaggerated) AND-

Woman: (very firm and motivated) Stop! I don’t need reasons or excuses. I am not a reporter! I do happen to actually have a pet case for you. (sweet voice) If you’re capable and willing that is.

Ace: (calms down and starts slowly pacing the room) A… Pet… Case? It’s been ages… (thinking about it quickly) Well after all, you are the best. (angrily) No! You stopped when things got dark. (sad) Leave it Ace.

Ace: Sorry ma’am, I just don’t do this sort of thi-

Woman: (pushy) You seem troubled. I can come another day. Here, I’ll leave you my card.

(Exaggerated) Ace: Well alrighty then! If hell freezes over and I decide to do the ONE thing I swore off I Will Call! P-E-O-P-L-E LADY!!! I’m a certified Private Eye. (Most exaggeration) Not The Pet Detective… *Gags*

Woman: (nervous) Ok I’ll leave you to your business. Sorry for bothering you or stirring up what occurs to be a severe PTSD episode. (quickly) Bye, have a good night.

Ace: (Before door shuts) GEE Thanks! (Door shuts Ace goes somber) Thanks for ruining my night (picks up card) Elizabeth Fairchild. What were you written by Danielle Steele?

~Ace walks back over to his chair. Somberly throws himself onto it with all his dead weight

Ace: Pet Detective, never again. Not even if Smokey The Bear came on that T.V. right now and-

*Click* T.V. turns on with an old black and white emergency broadcast alert screen – this lasts for about 13 seconds of awkwardness with Ace beginning to pace nervously, scratching his head and becoming confused.

~T.V. changes to 50’s style color cartoon of children playing with matches in the forest.

Ace: What in the Berenstain Bears Mandela Hell…?

~Suddenly Smokey The Bears shadow appears behind a child in the cartoon.

Ace: (losing his sanity) I’m hallucinating… It’s all a dream. (fingers in ears) La-di-da-di-da-

Smokey: (loud) Hey!

Ace: (inward high pitched squeal gasp)

Smokey: What are you children doing in the forest playing with matches? It’s one of the leading causes of forest fires. And remember only you can prevent forest fires.

~Screen begins to shows an old Smokey The Bear logo.

Ace: (extremely relieved) Wheeeeeew! For a moment there I really thought he was gonna-

Smokey: Ace!

Ace: (jumps and screams) AGH!

Smokey: We need you. You’ve been called upon again. It is the higher calling. Do what must be done Ace, help us all.

Ace: (almost hugging the T.V.) What?!? What is it!?!

Smokey: You must become the Pet Detective again.

Ace: Great… Is THERE anything else?

Smokey: Call the woman she will help guide you. You will know what to do. Trust your instincts. Only you can prevent-

-*Screen cuts to static fading into credit sequence*-

(Opening credits roll with noir style music and various upscale James Bond/Mission Impossible style sequences with dramatic noir elements and random history of P.I. Ventura added throughout.)

~Opens with shot of Elizabeth Fairchild’s card on Ace’s living room coffee table with narration beginning once zoom out of card happens. Panning to his entire trashed apartment.

Narrator Ace: It began like any other night. But little did I know a women would enter my world and change the fabric of reality. What’s real? Who knows? I just tell it the way I know it. The way it happened.

Ace: (staring at card) Smokey The Bear… Smokey The Bear! Smokey The Bear? (distressed) No, no, no, no, no-

~Gets up repeating this as he goes to the fridge where he sees his Smokey The Bear magnet.

Ace: (erratic) I can’t escape it! It’s some kind of forest fire hell! Did I commit arson in a forest in a past life?

~Ace falls to the floor whilst sliding down the back of the fridge.

Ace: (sobbing) Pet Detective… Seriously, Pet Detective? Am I really going to do this again because Smokey The Bear says so?!

~Ace’s old magnet of Smokey falls, hits Ace on the head, and lands face up in his lap.

Ace: (spontaneously and panicked) YUP!

~Ace runs over to the table, grabs Elizabeth’s card and proceeds to the phone. He begins to dial.

Elizabeth: (answers immediately with a calm unease) Hello Ace, glad you decided to call. We have business to discuss. Not over the phone though. Call at 2am, I’ll have instructions on how to meet.

~Phone clicks leaving the traditional dial tone sound which quickly turns into a horrific loud static. Ace painfully removes the phone from ear and violently slams it on the receiver. Rocking Ace covers his head from experiencing migraine/neurological distress.

Ace: (worried) What have I gotten myself into?

{That ends the introduction to my screenplay for ‘Ace Ventura: Rebirth’. I began this after reading the above article. Hope you enjoyed the taste. Comments are welcome!}

Disclaimer: Intellectual Property. All ideas and writing with the exception of; Trade names, logos, icons, and franchise names are proprietary to Jonathan LaBelle.

Electric Icarus Flow Radio

Music for thought…

The newest Pandora station for The Electric Icarus Project. Radio with an atmosphere allowing the mind to Flow…

The Internal Tools of Life

Time and events being continuity for us.

Experience and feeling that is a plus.

Thoughts control our every moment in the now.

We use these said tools to figure things out somehow.

The ways to make it through each day.

Looking for the expression known as being happy.

Another thing we can actually control.

For that also comes from mind, body, and soul.

Striving and thriving to live life mighty and bold.

Which applies for the young and even the old.


The change happens quick. Back and forth like a limerick. As music and rhyme combine. Melodies flow, fast and slow. Soothsaying to the largest degree. Even if the voice moves at spitfire speeds. A new way to hear. A new way to think. With every breaking swoon and ache. In a whirlwind of ways. Floating for seconds, minutes, even days. To fix the poison of a broken life. Healing many a worry, fear, or strife. From the greatest moments along with the saddest cries too. Music is there through and through. From start to finish, the tracks of our lives deminish. Ultimately playing out the eternal album of You.

Ties of Life…

You are, therefore I am. I am, therefore you are… ~Random Pillow Thought~

“Ambition means tying your well-being to what other people say or do. Self-indulgence means tying it to the things that happen to you. Sanity means tying it to your own actions.” ~ Marcus Aurelius