Tomahawks and Horns

Found this article in FB memories from one year ago. This being immediately after randomly deciding to read some previous unfinished works. I specifically chose one to pursue first. I began writing Tomahawks and Horns in Spring 2018. I am now considering a collaboration effort. Below is the original outline with Prologue. If this story interests anyone and they would like to collaborate let me know by leaving a comment.

Tomahawks & Horns:

The Cleaning of the Eclipse.

The Day of the Ships; an intro…

None saw them come in. They called them ships. Our mind’s eye could not conceive what had never been seen by man spirit. Even most animal spirits were immune to this un-noticing effect, except those of the water. Why I did not check the water that day I’ll never know, it is in the Mi’kmaq known spirit to attend to all things land and water. My job that day was to tend the dock… 

Walking through a rice paddy later that evening I got my first sight of them. They look so different, yet similar. Fiery red hair, Giant’s of stature and muscular strength. Bearded, terrible, scarred men. Women too, although they appear different? Some have hair as golden as the yellow Sun. Some have hair darker than a night with no Moon… 

“Are these Giants Gods?” I asked myself aloud accidentally, for I saw a group of giants appear with horns and weapons of a nature that I had never seen before. One speaks, It’s a strange tongue they speak. Not necessarily evil, just fast, unnatural, and very stern in nature. 

“Do I greet them?” I think to myself. Just as I am about to rise in the field I see something that completely changes things. One of the women. This one with dark red hair  “very natural Autumn looking, beautiful” I think just as THUNK! A Giant with Horns butts her in the gut with the blunt bottom of his weapon. “Are we to be collected or eradicated? How did they even get here?!? I must warn the others!” The young Mi’kmaq says aloud quietly to himself, as he runs off.

Far off in the tree line a warrior of great status with the Gods stares at a rice paddy and listens to the thoughts of a young Mi’kmaw man, confused and frightened. He sees him get up and run. He maintains his spot just long enough to make sure the Mi’kmaq is out of sight. Once gone he returns to his leader. He bows and asks to approach. He is waved forward. “Sir, I have news of the utmost importance. Where we are IS inhabited… but the thing is th-” The Giant on his throne silences him with the wave of a hand. On his throne he speaks putting sheer fright into the warrior. “What Color?!?” The warrior in shame hesitates then says “Golden.” 

From his throne he howls the loudest, most blood curdling howl that even the whole tribe of Mi’kmaw hears it. This happening just as the young man assigned to the docks shows up. He hears this too, looks back as a total lunar eclipse begins. Everything goes red, the heavens open up. It’s then that he knows and says aloud. “We have a long road ahead, filled with carnage and betrayal, but we shall overcome this threat as we always do. Time to start preparing”…

  1. The Lunar eclipse causes confusion in both invaders and defenders. Invaders take this as a Blessing when they see the crimson sky just after finding out about the natives of this land. All but one, the Throneed Giant. The Mi’kmaq know this as a sign in their favor all too well. 
  2. The Red Night is that of the cosmic Root Chakra being stable and grounding. Red Night Symbolizing: energy, action, confidence, courage, and change. The color was always known to bring passion and strength to relationships, life, and work for the Mi’kmaq. A good omen. Red Night Spiritually Effecting: stability, security, grounding, courage, action, physical and emotional survival.  
  3. Mi’kmaq have a Golden Energy/Aura, The Giants have White. Thus allowing Mi’kmaq to transfer, gain, control, harness, deliver in transiently, and most importantly steal. Something the Whites love to do. They possess a lot of the same properties as gold, but are still one tier down the ladder. 
  4. Gold uses White Energy to juggle, manipulate, strengthen, brighten, use, and can easily manipulate the abilities of all. They’re the only ones capable of stealing with no return. Yet even with this power they are known to be complacent and peaceful people. Completely connected to the planet. This intrigues the Throneed warrior, having never thought it possible, is compelled. He knows the stories and myths. He has to see this with his own eyes. He deeply desires something he can never have. Creating a megalomania of the unobtainable and unteachable.

Key Chapters

  1. Peaceful and kind they may be but fierce they become.
  2. Diplomacy is tried but Mi’kmaq are proud and powerful, refusing.
  3. White cannot attain what is now believed to be a myth. THEY were the myth to the Mi’kmaq.
  4. Confusion, betrayal, kindness, and humanity appear.
  5. Carnage begins.
  6. Powers unleashed
  7. Dethroned into the red. Sealed to a cloth rug in a sacred well during a Solar Eclipse for all eternity.
  8. Pick a side.
  9. Sides chosen
  10. One last betrayal
  11. Life moves on.

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I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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