The Electric Icarus Project

Navigating Throughout World’s Of Digital Labyrinths…

The Laughter Key…

Laughter though fun, is key to living.

If you leave this body, escape this reality.

You will come to find laughter lies underneath all.

If you can laugh at the reality that exists outside this reality you are on track to understanding life.

If a person took all dreams completely serious, how would they accept their true waking reality?

We are here, we will always be brought back here.

Until time allows death to no longer wake.

After transcendence of the next has happened.

In an eternal now, accept that this is life and it is here.

Laugh about that.

Enjoy it to the fullest!

It’s the one infallible truth.

Despite intervals of shear and utter confusion, know they too will pass.

Truth and confusion come in waves.

They come on strong at times, they too do pass.

The key here still is…

Laughter, those heartfelt are divine moment’s of truth.

Arrogance & Humility of Juggernaut Madness…

When once lost we fall again.

Not as angels, or just men.

But as the divine bound to the flesh.

Recreating our energy never the less.

Through the colors and spheres of our eyes.

Understanding what we see and learning from lies.

To get through the deception of past.

Something that lingers in the mind, which can forever last.

The thing that triggers away as it ticks.

Allowing madness to induce all of its tricks.

Those things that infect the body, spirit, and brain.

The quirks that make people act insane.

Bellowing and quarreling with no cause.

Accepting everything for only flaws.

A great pessimist that can truly undue.

Worrying not of any chaos that will ensue.

Carrying on day in and day out.

Like and raging juggernaut tearing away without doubt.

Until a day that finally arrives.

When the madness finally subsides.

The juggernaut does what it does best.

Decides to give it a rest.

Then decides to help clean up the mess.

From a tantrum thrown that did not impress.

To switch the frame it uses its strengths.

Showing all even further lengths.

There is no limitation of the good and just.

Although bad enough tantrums can turn things to dust.

Careful for madness can consume all.

Animals, people, and masses hear its call.

Best avoid rather than make that mistake.

Of truly finding out what madness can take.

People can see it even through grime.

They call it “Reading Between The Lines.”

250 Words On Being Alive

When the universe understands that you know that it responds to you while knowing how to respond back, one opens a line of communication.

Not what one can consider open dialogue.

More of a primal state of banter.

One must appreciate the universe for all it is, while in direct communication.

Prana and the Divine can be vaguely explained through technique and metaphors.

When applying these practices, rituals, traditions, and methods one must remember the omnipotent presence of universal cause and effect.

Much like the safety switch on a weapon we must learn to harness what is already there in a way the we can wield the power without any accidental misfires.

The key to that switch relies on learning and keeping an open mind.

The psyche of one is an entire universe.

Therefore we are surrounded by billions of universes here below, before we even look up to the heavens above.

Every living thing contains a universe within the universe that is in front of itself.

Becoming more than social communication at a certain point.

It does indeed become about the harmony, vibration, and frequency one gives off.

Only on a much smaller scale than that of what most want to believe.

For we exist in a world where we create worlds.

We do it in many ways, shapes, and forms.

Imagination is what separates man from beast.

Most would argue it is intelligence.

Yet intelligence is fundamentally seen throughout the animal kingdom.

Imagination though, that’s a different concept.

Music to Inspire

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