Universality 2D Concept

Occasionally down, brittle, or torn.

Even sometimes scattered, yet always born.

Taken straight from the Stars of the Sky.

All to create Man, Woman, Child within the human eye.

To continue on living the day today.

Only to do it again in another way.

Doing things, this and that, what one personally considers their best.

Taking on each day with something new to invest.

Again being yet another test.

These being different ways for how we live among the rest.

To meet with identity when there’s a reverse in that which we call our stay.

People begin to understand the concept of below and above.

To know the hell’s in heavens of Earth we live on and love.

To do this without any thought of how or what we did.

Even being victorious as poles react.

Some times losing happens, that’s a fact.

It’s part how life genuinely stays intact.

We live on in so many different shapes and forms.

Although in each plane it’s always a norm.

Here in the waking dream we play the one we see.

From 2D eyes viewing in 3D.

It allows us to live and maintain a state of fleshy.

We will even consider this state more than reality.

Because we begin to further understand the concept universality.

And to do that one must simply understand the concept of you and me.

*Slam poetry into cellphone app*

Published by Jon LaBelle

I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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