Perception of Realism…

In the process of life I have discovered many things. None as profound as the soul. The essence of reality is steady forms of vibrations. We materialize through frequency and harmonization. Like somantics the body is formed by the trinity of these 3. Along with all that surrounds us containing the natural chemical diametrical-tryptamine orContinue reading “Perception of Realism…”

Discovery Playlist (May 2023)

Plenty to explore here. This is a playlist that consists of some favorite bands but also undiscovered material. It’s a May project for me. If you love discovering new music jump in. There’s no specific genre here. Just me using the algorithm….

Hypnogogic Frame Overlook Glasses…

With lens upon lens to filter this place. The one we occupy called space. A Venn Diagram of past, future, and now. People simply confused with the how. Not the why, or even the when… Only a complacent everlasting grin. Hypnagogic always now and here. This much has become abundantly clear. It did not comeContinue reading “Hypnogogic Frame Overlook Glasses…”

Chill & Sleep Ambience: Electric Icarus Project Playlist

Started this playlist years ago. It’s now to the point of what I would consider a completion. Clocking in over 20hrs of Chill & Ambient style music it’s aesthetic will last all day or night. This is a playlist that can be left on for any creator as background thought music. Likewise I’ve created aContinue reading “Chill & Sleep Ambience: Electric Icarus Project Playlist”