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Life in Reality… 5 Islands, Maine USA – Photo by Jon LaBelle (Self)

In the process of life I have discovered many things. None as profound as the soul. The essence of reality is steady forms of vibrations. We materialize through frequency and harmonization. Like somantics the body is formed by the trinity of these 3. Along with all that surrounds us containing the natural chemical diametrical-tryptamine or DMT. A molecule that doesn’t effect roughly 5% of the world. This molecule sometimes referred to as the spirit molecule is in every living thing down to a blade of grass. The molecule which is naturally released in the brain during; Birth, Death, and Dreaming only unless illicitly used, is the breath of life without practice of prana. It is the great connector of dimensions. Time is the 4 dimension only by definition for the 3D world. An extra layer added to bind what is our lives. It is the logical hierarchy of the dimensional order. Outside what can be accepted as linear time the true existence of all begins to take place. This force moves forward to pure light or what can be accepted as big bang. An existence of something that contains so much information that it itself is the singularity to existence. This is the being of all. The Sleeping One, Abraxis, Source, Godhead, The Creator, any reference to an Almighty source of our existence. Because to fully understand one’s existence one must begin to understand this. It is called knowing God. That is why people within and without religion use this term. Where I have gone digging went far deeper than I expected. In doing various amount of research I have seen what is the true nature of all things. That being the psyche. With this aspect I mean our creations through time which have allowed for the continuance of applied conspiracy to various things. The human psyche’s use to place conspiracy goes as far back as time shows. And when I speak of this I go as far back as history allows during this time. Mesopotamian cults becoming demonology. So much has been lost in translation with Dunning-Kruegar applied. It falls on secret societies as equal as the everyday civilian. Each rabbit hole that has been dug in the 21st Century has been leaving a paper trail of madness. With the ability to research anything people still jump to the conspiracies. Enough to only listen to things they cannot look up. I understand a constant thirst for knowledge, but a conspiracy theorist lives on hearsay. Until they do the research and debunk said theory at which point they have to move on. Yet as I said we all do this. So a person who will not engage in conspiracies will create their own within their mind. Based on hearsay they believe to have been some kind of truth. This affects the psyche to the point of taking it to God. Or as some would say, prayer. But during this process the well trained mind knows it’s taking it to self. But somewhere between the Soul, and the Vibration, Frequency, Harmony Triad a communication happens. Allowing a manifestation. Depending on the energies your working with this can be wonderful or dangerous. These energies outside the self and others of this world is indeed for the most part our planets. But it takes fundamental research of Gods, Deities, and an understanding of astrology to plan this. To step into the current of a planet allows you to take on the qualities and temporarily embody the idea of the planet. Incorporate what is known as magic with the psyche and you will find the alchemy of this effect to be something powerful. Which is where it becomes dangerous. For anyone inexperienced could easily destroy everything around them. It was meant for the Gods of past. And it is what was wrote about. Abraham had been teaching astrology. Given a Bible I could not prove this truth. Give me another book and I could. Yet, this would be heretical. That is why life cannot be ruled be any one specific book by an individual race of people if we are to all move forward. There is no such thing as a completely unified religion because religion causes war. But these are the only documents that talk of Gods or an Almighty Power. So I raise the question of the paradox: Which is right? All, and none. All got some part right but none have the entire answer because it is scattered throughout other. And a sense of entitlement won’t allow a person think they might not have all the answers. Although by incorporation of knowledge of that which is all major theology, mythology, and cosmology one can better grasp the concept of God. By listening to any one religion we program ourselves to be closed minded and unaware of what the true meaning of God is. We are with that which is, it is us. Built in its exact image. Our Heaven and Hell is what we make of Life while alive. All religion speaks of metempsychosis in one way or another. Be it reincarnation in Buddhism or the reincarnation of Christ in Christianity. In sleep we only access 11 dimensions because when the brain releases its final blow of DMT we experience all we have ever been throughout all past up to our present. That is where people enter the 12th Dimension, The Godhead. They either enter the pure light, and let go. Where they become one with the universe as a pure essence of energy to be reborn again. It’s always you though. So if you feel like life is incomplete, or you’re holding onto something you’ll come back as human. Devote to making something happen that was felt unaccomplished. When in definition this is closer to what we refer to as a purgatory. Not that we are dead. We have been alive and died many times before or we wouldn’t be here now. This is the afterlife though. After we are given life. Our spirits are that of energies of people who have passed that are held onto. Be it a place, person, or circumstance. It’s a divergence of the true energy. Something horrible that’s left behind. But only because we are bound by time. Think of a dying star. It could take 1,000 years before you see that it is no longer there. So these energies that wait to pass are invoked, evoked, or stirred up by people’s fresh energy. Essentially resetting a type of statute of limitation. And this is usually done because of a conspiracy and the natural curiosity of humans. There needs to be room for Gods among people again. It’s hard to remember but that blinding white light hit you before. You cried, gasped for air, and were handed to your Mother.

Jon LaBelle

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I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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