Floating Rock Syndrome…

There on a floating rock was this thought. “Could this truly be all I have ever been taught?” That answer being a definite yes. Yet unfortunately, this answer would not much impress. For this was absolutely not suitable in form of what question was originally saught. One usually loves all, even with the palm of their hand. Earth, wind, water, fire, even sand. All plainly there, to touch, feel, enjoy, and grab. Alive on too, here on this rotating slab. Planet Earth with its specific terra. Unbelievable kind that will survive through era’s. Thus it has and will with continuation still. We’re on our way, that’s part of the thrill. Always almost done or almost there. We need only to make it past our thousand mile stare. There is no fear, just a lot to any version of now. As always a “soon to be over” while happiness can grow loud.

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