New Moon, Ox Lunar New Year Wishes:

That everlasting eye with aye. A price we pay. Metanoia, the existence for a metempsychosis stay. For things we do, write, even moreso say. Spelling still, remember is not always a curse. A blessing if it actually works. Fortunately for behind every veil, there will be a seam. There which has yet another person’s dream. New paths or places to navigate. Still without overstaying a welcome. Or even becoming too late. A life less ordinary, people imagine this way. Only in the less aggressive way. Binding us, tracks with time. Making a tune or singing rhyme. These are the ways we are fed throughout time. Learn to flow and better off accept. That simple thing called the human imaginative concept. Our material not yet understood or earned. More broken in, learned, sometimes occasionally burned.

Words I will now convictionally say; “Under a New Moon before this Lunar New Year, during a Maya Analog Wave. While only hand of Mars guides message Earth way. Before our next day Sun reborn. During wee hours on a cold snowy, February’s morn’. Blessing all people with a Happy Moon wish beyond all. Jade Hare still there with Father Bear, in sky above to help witness all. Oxen’s might soon to show. We’re past pulling of a heavy previous Metal Rat haul.”

Published by Jon LaBelle

I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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