Chocolate Death Trilogy…

Story outline to horror trilogy. No real dialogue, only simple plot outline and story for Part 1, 2, & 3. These will be released as individual titles.

Part 1

We open on a group of girls around a fire celebrating with cocoa and ayahuasca. Two girls stray and become lost in the desert. While tripping one friend becomes severely ill before resorting to cannibalism.

Title Card: Chocolate Death Ceremony

The girl who resorted to cannibalism has been infected by an infectious strain of cocoa. She wanders the desert rabid like during the opening credits.

We are brought back to the other women around the fire. Still laughing and celebrating until one begins to vomit. Another woman tries to reassure her that it is all natural and to purge as she should. The woman looks up with an inhuman glare and attacks. She goes right for the brain. The others startled, run. One taking off alone. While two couples of two together, run separate directions.

The first couple of two doesn’t make it far until a similar situation occurs as did in the opening credits. Only this time the trip is very real.

The loner becomes sick and starts to go into a crazed frenzy after vomiting. Taking off wildly, like a feral human into the desert.

While the other two are wandering one does begins to change, but the other realizes So she runs.

She is pursued through the desert until she finally kills her predator.

The sound draws the feral one in.

She draws the feral one into a cavern. Eventually crushing her with a boulder from above.

It is after this point she realizes that she was the only one who didn’t drink cocoa because of her severe chocolate allergy.

She starts to navigate her way back through the desert.

She sneaks by the fire to notice the original attack she saw with no predator. A body mangled, yet with only the brains removed.

Aware and alert she makes her way through the night towards town.

As she approaches town, she sees the girl from the opening credits at a chain link fence outside an industrial building acting erratically.

She attempts to go unnoticed. But fails as there is nothing but sky and sunrise as a backdrop.

She makes it into the building only to be pursued throughout. Ends in a rooftop struggle with her tricking her cannibalistic friend off the edge.

She leaves, gets to the sheriffs off where she is discarded as completely insane.

Makes it home to turn on the news and find that not only has her other friend turned as well, but made it into town. She sighs, shrugs, turns off the TV, locks the door, and collapses on the bed. Just as she falls asleep there’s a beating on the door. She opens her eyes. Fade to black.

Part 2

We are immediately brought back to our main character, Joanne.

She is brought in for tests and questioning.

The only thing she knows that she did different was not ingesting the chocolate during the ceremony, unlike everyone else.

She goes out to the spot where the fire ceremony took place.

Joanne shows them a plant and explains to them that the woman running the ceremony said it was cocoa and that they all should do it and that she had to decline for fear of an allergic reaction.

The scientists not saying much but acting upset and whispering eventually approaches her. He explains that they’re going to need to perform some test on the plant before she can be released. That it was indeed a cocoa plant, but that it is unlike cocoa plant they have ever seen.

Title Card: Chocolate Death Disease

We are brought back to our infected person wreaking havoc on town.

She is finally shot and taken out after much damage to many people.

All the people are brought into the hospital. Each suffering bite marks and various injuries.

Then it begins, one starts vomiting and attacks another. All hell breaks loose in the hospital.

We are brought back to Joanne in holding. An Infectious Disease Doctor, named Fred. Along with a Neuroscientist, named Reynold enter a bunker style quarantine room. They begin to explain to Joanne how the flavonoids of the cocoa plant had been in a mutation the night they ingested them. It appeared that the plant itself had been trying to ward off an intrusive species of some sort prior to their ceremony.

Unfortunately those plants didn’t even make it through that same night she had. They explain the correlation of chocolate and the brain and why they think the victim’s brains are being eaten. It is at this point she is told that she is completely healthy and that there is no more they can do with her. As she is about to be released a guard appears and says to all three of them, “You’ve got to see this!”

On the news the hospital is up in flames and people are running and screaming. A crazed person in a hospital gown runs around until reaching the camera and knocking it over. At which point all that can be seen is grass and the caption of ‘Are Zombies Real?’

All three look at each other. Joanne responds with a quick “I have nothing to do with that.” At which point they ask for her help. Wanting details of what she did before, to survive the night how she had.

We are brought back to the town where chaos ensues.

The police exit a riot van and begin attacking all citizens including the uninfected, because of the frenzy. This causes a complete uproar with all those that are uninfected.

The town quickly splits into two factions after a majority of infected are killed. Based on obvious town politics and unknown prior traumas the decision happens easily.

We’re brought back to the three in the bunker where it is determined that nothing, but luck, skill, and brute force was her ally that night.

As soon as they begin to devise a plan, they are told what has happened during the day they’ve spent talking

We’re brought back into where it has turned to complete anarchy. People looting and raiding. Police and civilians fighting. Random attacks from the infected all throughout.

Our three main characters walk out of the compound to a sunset of burning skyline with the city ablaze nearby in distance.

“Well so much for that idea” Joanne says.

Fade to Black

Part 3

We are brought into a fast action montage of our three main characters weaponizing and gearing up.

Title Card: Chocolate Death City

Our three main characters are walking through what used to be a normal town. Buildings on fire, alarms going off, and broken glass everywhere. Making it look as if it had been abandoned long before a week prior.

We see the skill of the Fred the Doctor first, as he enthusiastically uses an axe to behead the infected.

Next, we see the knife skill of the Reynold the Neuroscientist who begins to throw scalpels at an infected attacker. Three throws: left eye, right eye, heart. The infected attacker falls immediately.

Finally with Joanne, we get to see her skills honed again as she reuses the same knife, she used in her first kill.

Then we are brought to Geneva, Switzerland where they have taken notice to the growing situation. They are in talks of completely nuking the town. Waiting on permission from the president.

At this point the Reynold receives a phone call. Upon answering, it is a friend from Geneva explaining exactly what was explained about the nukes and waiting on approval.

The Reynold hangs up. He begins to try and explain, just as they are ambushed by the first full group of zombies they’ve encountered.

They all three barely escape with their lives, only to hide away while the infected wait outside.

During the wait the Reynold explains what is going to happen.

It is then that it is revealed that Joanne is the daughter of someone high in the political ladder.

She makes a quick call to get an answer only as the Reynold’s phone dies.

They must escape the horde of zombies to find a phone.

The horde has grown from the sound of other zombies.

The Fred and Reynold begin talking about herd behavior and hive mind and Joanne shuts them up by reminding them they’re about to be nuclear waste if she doesn’t make a phone call soon.

They leave their hold up spot slowly. All go unnoticed until the Fred’s axe falls, alerting all zombies nearby.

In a sacrifice Fred puts up a good fight so the others can escape, but does die by horde.

Upon reaching a house they try to go in only to be welcomed by shotgun fire from behind a closed door.

At this point a group of radicals come out in Mad Max style gear as if the apocalypse had already happened.

They are chased off and run near the police station. Where they are immediately no longer followed upon reaching a specific street. The Mad Max dressed people turn around and walk back without as much as a taunt.

They discuss how strange that was and approach the police station.

They are met with force by officers in all riot gear. They are called vagabonds and left beaten outside the police station.

Joanne helps up Reynold who got it far worse due to his tall height and stature.

They stagger together toward a gas station that appears unoccupied.

Once entering they are immediately aware they are not alone by a smacking sound from behind a shelf.

They try to leave but Reynolds’s broken leg knocks over a can. A crazed infected person pops up and lunges at them.

Reynold is bit. Joanne completely snaps. She grabs a doorstop and smashes the attacker’s head until it is nothingness.

Reynold coughs, he and Joanne share a moment together before dying.

Joanne makes her phone call behind the gas station counter.

As she exits to go to her extraction point, she walks over the Reynold, badly injured he still turns too. Pathetically he grabs at her legs. Joanne stands there looking at him pitifully with a tear in her eye, before turning and walking away.

As a helicopter lands an infected crazed attacker from a far distance run towards Joanne. She never breaks stride in her calm walk, as she throws her knife with a perfect head shot. Ultimately leaving the same knife from her first kill into her last. She calmly boards the helicopter. It takes off.

As Joanne flies away, we see her smiling while looking very uneasy. Completely bloodied up without having a scratch. Then way off in the distance a mushroom cloud appears. She never makes a flinch or loses the steady uneasy smile. Looking deranged, yet questionably still human.

Fade to black

In the works of being turned into a screenplay. I could use some help. That being said…

Disclaimer: This is part of the Electric Icarus Project of which I am willing to collaborate. This idea remains intellectual property to the Electric Icarus Project. Myself, Jonathan LaBelle or any other authors who may decide to contribute to the entity that is Electric Icarus Project will also retain sole authorship while apart of the entity. This will happen through the correspondence of email, until authorship is otherwise discussed and agreed upon in consent by both parties. All contributions should be sent to

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