The Waking Dream

Those who call upon on a name, do this not in vein. For not all must not be slain, because a source of pain. Any guilty pleasure should not overrule this measure. Success and adventure do not come as a type of tenure. Rather a path that lasts, defying all past or future to come. One that betters more than a few sum. All can reap the benefits of staying meek, while not appearing or being weak. For there lies the ultimate strengths, that most search in extreme lengths. Like harnessing the power of the Sun, that mission is not for everyone. Sit back now and enjoy fun, please don’t go and jump the gun. For ye know not of what thy eyes see. This is more than a you, me, or we. The culling has long ago begun. Let others do work, theirs that must be done. This is the solace, the peace those seek. Directly in front of thee, yet no one speaks. Do not wonder where those become strays, for those will only be darker days. Instead seek out the light. Even in the dead of night. Each has a calling to their name, which can feel quite insane. Listen to that deep spot of soul. It is the way to fill a personal hole. A void all can feel, something very rarely revealed. This fun, this world, it is all a pearl. Look at it, give it a twirl. That dirt and grime eventually hardens and shines. Riches of man not only are found below and above, yet more importantly in the current life we love. Use that for which you seek, otherwise all becomes bleak. All holding tightly to the grail, one must look past this veil. For any action can be seen, in a small daily routine. Work dutifully morning, day, evening, and night. Just do not give up that fight. Find your space. That personal place, where you may have that taste. Of all that’s to come. All that will be won. The spoils of life are plenty of fun. Though let there be no haste, for that would be a waste. Of life; a life still unknown, for we are not fully grown. Society has its wants and needs. Those are not for the soul to please. That requires what others will not see, do not let this discourage thee. Stay strong and tenacious to the end. Watch who you might call a friend. Plenty to steal from a glass, this my friend’s will not pass. This is what is called a loop. Stand up off that stoop. Be what you’ve always wanted to be. This being personal advice eye hope you can see. For this reality is the waking dream of we… 1/3/2020 @ 3:03 – 4:04 AM ~ Jon ~

Published by Jon LaBelle

I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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