Life From The Panels

Plot: A comic franchise with a rich illustrious history. Brainchild of two creators who shortly follow each other in death each at old acceptable ages. Both were Icons; they were artists, they told stories, they changed the world, they were constant trend setters, revered by adults and children alike. But at what cost though? Strange events occurred after the first death. Based on decisions being placed solely on a contract written in blood with an agreement from both men. Choices are made and before the second man dies he agrees to the terms, having kept a secret card he can now use.

Ext: White van in the street with a body bag on a stretcher behind it being zipped. Two gentlemen load they body. Screen fades as van drives away. Title card appears with black background. Fade in to a foggy Limbo-like place.

Man’s Voice: “He is not here. I know the terms of our contract. I understand your plan and always have. Always fond of chess so I like to stay one step ahead. Since the decision falls entirely on myself now… The Heroes will be joining your Villains during this hell on earth you’ve planned for ¾ of a Century now. For I specifically ended all my notes, speeches, and quotes with MY spell, which lies in a word everyone knows very well. This spell will release on this day, the day that I die. It will be spoken so much and will utterly defy your power. For you to create and destroy at the same time would contradict and all would be ruined. So I say to you; make your decision, I’ve lived with and loathed in this sorcery far too long demon. Damn near a century is long enough. You were just lucky I had love in my heart and a plan, or I’d have finished this decades ago. I never did like you. So with my final words I release all upon this world for you to decide, just know… My hero’s are designed to win in the end. There were a few unreleased projects I was working on by the way. Viavante!”

~The creature stands there… Baffled at the truth in which the man spoke. It sees that the known evil monstrous creatures are indeed there. As well as the Hero’s, who had defeated them time and time again. Then the new projects unfold. First excited to see horrid creatures of mutation, strange sinister animals, but then THEY came. New hero’s of wild stature and bizarre nature; Dark Hero’s, Renegades, Gangs of Mercenaries. Then the beast understands what has just happened.

Demon: “I’ve been tricked! Throwing in project’s. Dark ones, knowing it would distract me long enough to stop this from happening. I should’ve listened…

Demon: (inhuman scream) “RAWWUGGGHWR!”

Demon: I don’t even KNOW that any of those new creations are evil. They just looked so horridly beautiful. Well, I guess I’ll have my hell on earth for what little time I get it. DAMN YOU!!!!”

~Beep Beep BEEP BEEP BE-

~Jessie hits the snooze on the alarm. Just as she was drifting back to dream land (shown by blurring vision while looking out ta chaotic window distorting with a slow fade)

~A laud thunk comes from outside her widow. She awakens quickly runs to the window and there lying in the bush is her second favorite superhero of all time.

Jessie: “H-O-L-Y Shit… Fuck me sideways, is this shit real?”

~Suddenly the figure in the bushes stands, looks Jessie in the face. Jessie faints immediately. She wakes up in his arms and he says

Superhero: “Stay calm I’m here to save you and the rest of the world. We all are!”

Jessie: “All?!?”

Superhero: “Yes all. Anything our Creators have made is now on your plan of existence, the 3rd Dimension. We’ve moved from the 2nd dimension to yours! In his death he allowed us this gift.”

Jessie: “So that means the bad too?”

Superhero “Of course! Including the ones you don’t know about! They’re a little scary and weird but they’re all really good guys.”

Jessie: “Dude, why are you so fucking cheerful? My world’s completely changed!!!”

Superhero: “Life change can be great. I’m happy because I’m 3D now. Buck up, I’ll keep you safe!”

Jessie: “F-uuuuu-ck…”

Published by Jon LaBelle

I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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