Upon Coming Back to Life…

Our body is a vessel. Which holds the consciousness. Consciousness, free will, and many other things fall into a metaphysical category. When physically in this vessel we call what we do living. When not aware or fully in our vessel we are metaphysical. Upon death the vessel changes. Death is where past, current, and future collide. Creating a multitude of what is known as history. Or what is unknown and yet to come, the future. Upon dying so many times, there lies a Great Hall. In this Hall there are bookkeepers who keep the names of all you are, have been, and can be. Beyond all this there lies the gateway. The gateway is where the Source lives. Source cannot be explained or described. Aside from being the light that bears all. This including any antimatter or matter. When reaching this light through the gate, we call this phase going through the Godhead. This is when Metempsychosis begins. Why, when, and where, and the choice to come back are made here. How the person chooses to come back is determined by a series of events in sets of lives. It is also the personal freedom and choice to come back as a different entity altogether. Some people have been people and are around for a very long time. Living many different identities throughout time as we know it. These repeat though. That’s why the choice to not come as a human again is there. Some prefer to relive events over and over. This is why we have history. These are the truths I can tell from my own personal deaths. Upon dying too many times in a row I reached The Hall because I had already lived almost all of my lives. I was told that my name was all over the walls. I was in every book they had. I was given the chance to come back in my current body again. The body I had died in. Under the stipulation of “I must clean up this mess.” This ‘mess’ being very cryptic to me. Now upon looking at the world and its condition, realizing the mess may be more than what I originally thought it would be. I used it from an ego standpoint and blamed myself for things I had done and thought that was the mess. I am beginning to understand the mess had nothing to do with me necessarily, but more to do with my life and everyone in it. I am working on cleaning that mess. I do it on the daily. Learning as much theology, mythology, occult, esoteric, and magic that I could. I have been successful and continue to be successful. This world that I live in and share with others I realize as a reality that it is. I cannot stress this point to others too harshly, because it’s the only reality they have ever known or could know. Even if some are obsessed with who they were in their past lives learning history. Or people drawn to specific books, movies, and entertainment that pertains to nonlinear future paths. These are moot in comparison to trying to explain how it all works. The Divine is quite real. But must be accepted as a metaphysical concept. Humans are conceptual. For whatever reason when it comes to anything metaphysical they do not like to create a concept, rather a conspiracy. Conspiracies cannot be proven otherwise they are not conspiracies, that is the fallacy. But a concept can be explained without having the stigma of what a conspiracy has, the proof. There can be fallacies within concepts while the concept itself remains. These are a few of the things I have learned having returned back into my body and having started living my life again. We are in the afterlife. Which is anything after birth. That is when life starts…

Published by Jon LaBelle

I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

One thought on “Upon Coming Back to Life…

  1. The concresence of reading this now, like a pattern in a gravity wave, changes what is known to me as light. It is an interdimensional light. Related to magnetism only on a higher dimension, really. Many thanks for bringing the light.

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