“Jon~zo” Journalism ~ Nature of Time, Prana, & Meditative Practices…

Time is not only strange but must be constantly kept up with. Because when X being the only measurement undoubtedly is on a constant move. The concept of time can become difficult and riddled with variables. Down to the almost unimaginable miniscule leap second. There is absolutely an existing point we call now though. Now, which is held as the ruler of true time. A current flow, or the only true fluid state. Although consider now much like a ruler or yard stick. When taking that to the next step, a sphere, so forth and so on. Atomically it is completely rife and redundant. Life that is. Chaos being the only way to create? Yes, things can become difficult. Although given that knowledge of time think of it much like a roadmap. Only the sense of how one would view it on the bottom in miles or kilometers for distance. Life must constantly move as if thinking in terms of roads changing on an atlas. Unfortunately with an incorrect measuring marker. Its malfunction not necessarily that the measurements are wrong. More unkempt in a manor. It could be argued that it makes more sense to move into a more lunar style calendar. To the point of adding an extra month even, call it “Luna” for namesake. Yet, rather than even embrace an idea which follows so much of what Eastern tradition has known and follows. But more along what the Maya served. Personally I follow the triple chart currently, because of this conundrum. Life is organic, regardless of labels or materiels. Once something is organic there is a sense of loss. Whether that be trust or true loss, we genuinely fear this. That terrible seed of jealousy even. Music, people, scenes, anything can become obsolete. When this begins an uncertain confusion of the seasons naturally occurs. We lose track of time. Cyclically our Sun begins to set a little later or earlier, our drives feel a little different and sometime more difficult. When people refuse to acknowledge this at specific points, events occurs. Oil changes due to harvest and circumstantial problems. Materiels we become limited to. Yet now is that circumstance, and now only.
Once these problems finally become a form of knowledge, they could become more easily handled by all. Simply just by utilizing time correctly. Not so much a hassle, simple science and nature honestly. It becomes a calendar problem basically. Once we accept how to use time as a measurement, not only that tool for the past. We have begun to review. Essentially look back upon old history. With advances in technology this effort becomes easier and more precise. Can people figure out how future isn’t as important as the sense of now? That can become a terrifying thought! Future is important because it becomes the only next logical step from now. Therefore existing as the architype continuation of the form of materialistic mankind concepts. For without that concept there would be much less to mankind. Much like the old saying of “If a tree were to fell in the woods, would it make a sound if no one were around?” When anyone can grasp this concept they begin to understand things a little differently than others do. Understanding what has happened in the past, or what potentially might happen in the future is nigh if the source’s are unreliable. The reason this happens is because people become rigid with this state of mind. Stuck in knowledge. The one marker itself that no longer will matter to any correlating person around them. In fact one can change that marker, once they have realized this. Thus creating their own dilemma. Prana of any and mankind who use prana more than ascend. Any person who knows prana knows they have no idea how it works. That is the beauty of prana. That it is the child of both creation and chaos. If the prana man uses prana it must be so that prana flow continues to go in and out. By the end there is a conduct of current, with a stream that flows inward and back outward. Hence people seeing more past. Or also remembering things differently, altering timelines. Deja Vu, Mandela Effect, Synchronicity, these are all examples. It’s a dilemma of mankind, yet it is also the past of the now. Consequence of being circumstantial and materialistic at the same time. Once that gets realized, one acts more aware of the fact that nothing can happen outside the reality that is themselves. Circumstance becomes a key role in the individual’s reality. Even with circumstance it’s still a choice of what reality they want to live and decisions to make happen. Also realizing that they must utilize and be weary of this effect because it flows constantly. Much like a natural rhythm. Utilizing that day in and day out, feeling the rhythm of the heartbeat of Earth. Accessing more potential destruction as if one were to know how not to activate or potentially prevent that Doomsday clock. The paradox coming from a person actively knowing and staying aware of it. Once this is known that potential human being realizes itself, and just how powerful they have become. Only to back away on natures accord. Because no one speaks or teaches prana flow anymore. Causing what can be considered only a mere loud noise eventually. Thus accompanied with anxious energy. Try becoming an existence in itself. That practical term for meditation loosely fits contemplation better. This being an inaccuracy that is important. Void is meditation. Unfortunately, our now would have people believe it closer to our current terms of isolation, or worse disassociation. Those are real and unfortunate burdens that exist. Yet that is not meditation. The mind must actually let go. That is meditation. Which is an odd catch-22. Prana has a very strange kinship to mankind still. Forgetting how to access this is dangerous. It made people know and understand better or worse, easier and naturally. On a grander spectrum even. Essesence of the great big story. The dark matter if you will.

8/30/2020 – 00:05 ~ Jon ~

Note: Since the internet has become more a Harry Potter-esqu style Newspaper Magazine of the World. These are my articles, still opinions of only myself. In other words, “For Entertainment Purpose Only” if implied. ~Jonzo~

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