Beautiful Life

An ode’ to the living…

There is a crossroads, in the mind.
This place is actually hard to find.
Unsure if it was a left or a right.
One will search for crossroads night after night.
Until a day comes to slow the ride.
The day one notices there is no crossroads to hide.
There stuck you see “This crossroad was a circle to me!”
That builds up where one decides “I get to navigate this ride.”
Careful though navigation has no clue, what a planet might do.
Sky above, down to its core, and ever so much more.
Filled with all the wonderful things people adore.
That is a navigation problem too.
Unpredictable what people will navigate through.
That decision is not up to me or you.
It is up to the crossroads, this is true.
Where signs point the way, to help
us navigate through the day.
That’s some advice one can genuinely say.

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