The 5 Caves of Life…

Stares at back of hand.

Flips Hand Over…

The sojourner, Shamen of Foresight and Empowerment. Shadowed by The Dancer of Life. Followed by The Ancestor of Tribes, family, and other fellow kin. That is how to start this tale. So that is where it will begin.

Midworld, the Palm.

5 caves each… Always a way to hide, or a new method to teach. The pitfalls we learn from the places we fell. The psyche hides all these five cave extremely well. Leaving most unsure how to hide and more concerned with where to dwell. Each in a different cave. This making it hard to break through or sometimes, even save.

This had been the Pinky Finger.

Cave number I, starting small. This being the Cave of Ice. Dreams, manifestations, spirit and all. Entering as the Shamen of the Stars. Knowing life is more than big dreams or their emotional scars. With spirit guiding the Ice Cave, it’s easier there. From regards to having a grand cosmic side with so much flare…

Next was the Ring Finger.

Cave number II, onto The Cave of Winds. New beginnings, future, and changes taking place. That is how we occupy this space. Here, entering as the Shaman of Tradition. Will power to do anything in honor of traditional grace. Beyond worry of dignity or opposition. Knowing thyself, taking a slower steady pace…

Onto the Middle Finger.

Cave number III, The Cave of Hearthfires. The animals, the present, our current, Now. A place most high, we all call it home. Entering as the Ancestor of Illusion. Giving that auspicious “Wow!” Easily navigating your way through every buried catacomb. Not falling fate to their conclusion…

The Index Finger.

Coming up to Cave number IV, The Cave of Rivers. Where The Hunters will show divisions and boundaries. As the Hunter of Paths this helps with even the tides and the seas. Thus making this cave another place of ease. Finding passageways new, old, and even made. Making sure to never overstep or invade…

Finally the Thumb.

Finally Cave number V, The Cave of Earth. The Underworld, a way to kill off, let another bad pattern die. A mistake or possibly even a lie. Entering here as The Dancer of Reconciliation. Committed, with absolutely no humiliation. Dancing in patterns of warmth that spark delight. Bringing joy with every embodiment of presence. Once you’re done dancing you’re elegant flight. You’ll act accordingly and start to mend every single night…

The Entire Hand.

At the end it’s seen. What The II Pillars would mean. What was, and what is. ‘What was’ had been The Hunter of Death. A memory to have but no longer having any breath. What this says is a lot, with precision. For ahead aligned is The Hunter of Vision. Helping to calm the head and Foresight. Remember how to make a good decision. Learn from mistakes and growth from the 5 caves previously imprisoned.

Published by Jon LaBelle

I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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