Tales of Moths

Pure daylight, closest to Noon I would say. Upon the entrance lay the moth; black, white, and grey. I finished the cleanse, blew out the candle with no delay. For I had decided my work done for today. Once finished I would declare all I could to need to say. Taking out the remainder of trash the moth agreed, and flew away…

Flying into pure sunlight. Taking off with all his might. Quickly disappearing with no sound. Going to speak his tale. Of a man who’s plan he could unveil. Having a friendlier way, for nature to know. That this man had a good plan to unfurl. Under the Pink Supermoon that Moth found a Moth Girl. They had Moth Children who eventually told the rest of the World…

Published by Jon LaBelle

I am a Writer, Musician, Poet. Well studied in many topics; Science, Theology, Mythology, Cosmology, Astrology, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge, and Pop Culture.

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